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Research and professional activities

Research interests

Big Data Technologies and Methodologies

I am interested in leveraging on the various big data technologies and methodologies to provide insights in a very easy visual format for decision makers in various contexts including finance, marketing, environment, social science and law to name a few.

Key words: Big Data
Open to supervise

Current research

Big Data for alleviating Poverty and Improving Sustainable Development Goals in Sudan

Data is very important for making decisions and for planning for the future. In poverty alleviation data plays a major role in measuring poverty and improve current situations for example, data about economic activities, movements and settlements, education and usage of technology. In a country like Sudan, there are major challenges in managing poverty in remote places; this is aggravated by instabilities and seasonal disruptions. Whilst it is essential for alleviating poverty and meeting SDGs, it is important to collect the right data. This is impossible without using innovative ways for collecting the right data and making the right decision. In this project we are aiming to utilise Big Data methods for detecting of regional migration of people and causes. The project will profile the types of cases whether due to political instabilities or economic pressures. Our system which will be linked to GPS and GIS will alert decision makers to sudden movements of people and in the same time provides predictors for potential migration which lead to people displacement and may exasperate new conflicts.

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media (BE518)

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media (BE559)

  • Marketing and Innovation (BE562)

  • Student Success Tutorial (BE917)

  • Independent Research Project: Management/Marketing (BE939)

Previous supervision

Polina Ivanova Sokolova
Polina Ivanova Sokolova
Thesis title: The Effect of Visual Complexity and Congruity on Consumer Purchase Intentions: The Mediating Role of Fluency
Degree subject: Management Studies
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 10/6/2022


Journal articles (9)

Ali, M., Tarhini, A., Brooks, L. and Kamal, MM., (2021). Investigating the Situated Culture of Multi-Channel Customer Management: A Case Study in Egypt. Journal of Global Information Management. 29 (3), 46-74

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Conferences (2)

Kwarteng, MA., Jibril, AB., Nwaiwu, F., Pilik, M. and Ali, M., (2019). Internet-Based Channel Orientation for Domesticated Services Firm: Some Drivers and Consequences

Haddara, M., Su, KL., Alkayid, K., Ali, M. and Syst, AI., (2018). Applications of Big Data Analytics in Financial Auditing- A Study on The Big Four Completed Research

Grants and funding


August International KTP 3 Application (2021)

Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board)


Information Extraction, Categorization and Visualization for COVID-19 News using NLP Unsupervised Techniques



Profusion Media KTP2

Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board)


System Leadership - International Literature Review

Essex County Council

IAA ECC Challenge Lab project - Community inclusion

Catalyst Project (HEFCE Funding)

+44 (0) 1206 874765


EBS.3.84, Colchester Campus

Academic support hours:

You can find details of Academic Support hours on the EBS UG and PG information page on Moodle or by calling EBS Student Services on 01206873911