Sanjaya Aryal

School of Health and Social Care
Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Sociology and Criminology
 Sanjaya Aryal



I am a Senior Research Officer in the Social Work and Social Justice Division of the School of Health and Social Care with the responsibility for a formative evaluation of 'A Better Start Southend' services to families with babies and very young children. My background is in social work, human rights and sociology. I have more than fifteen years of professional experience working with NGOs, United Nations Organisation, international development agencies, academia and government on the issues of community health and empowerment, child rights, human rights, transitional justice, governance, and migration. I coordinated a human rights capacity building project at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers in Nepal. I hold expertise in project development, coordination and management; project evaluation; ethnographic fieldwork and qualitative research. I am currently in the completion year of my doctoral research at the Department of Sociology. My doctoral research is entitled “Mobility of Care: Gendered Migration and Care Inequalities among Nepali Care Workers in the UK”. This is a qualitative research that studies the impact of migration on family care responsibilities. It deals with migration and care from a lower income country (Nepal) to a higher income country (the UK). Apart from dealing with migration and care within the migrants’ families, the project also examines the impact of (im)migration policies of the developed North on the family members from the global South.


  • Masters of Arts in Human Rights Mahidol University, (2008)

  • Masters of Arts in Sociology Tribhuvan University, (2002)

  • Bachelors of Arts in Social Work Kathmandu University, (1999)


University of Essex

  • Fixed Term Teacher, Department of Sociology, University of Essex (13/9/2021 - 15/5/2022)

  • Research Officer, Sociology, University of Essex (14/2/2020 - 15/1/2022)

  • Research Officer, Essex Business School, University of Essex (28/6/2021 - 15/10/2021)

  • Research Support Officer, Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies, University of Essex (1/5/2019 - 31/7/2019)

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sociology, University of Essex (1/9/2018 - 31/5/2020)

Other academic

  • Research Support Officer, School of Social Sciences, Bangor University (1/2/2017 - 15/12/2017)

  • Researcher, Feinstein International Center, Tufts University (1/4/2012 - 2/12/2012)

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Social Sciences, Bangor University (1/9/2017 - 15/12/2017)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Interpersonal Skills for Practice (HS192)

  • Legislation, Regulation and Ethics for Practice (HS292)

  • Critical Reflection and Professional Challenge (HS391)

  • Health Inequalities and Intersectionality 101 (HS856)

  • Introduction to Sociological and Psychological Frameworks (HS190)

  • Introduction to Research Methodologies (HS290)


Journal articles (4)

Aryal, S. and Guveli, A., (2023). Flying families between the UK and Nepal: compromised intergenerational care amidst a restrictive migration policy context. Journal of Family Studies. 30 (2), 254-282

Aryal, S., (2023). Gender or Gendered Demand of Care? Migration Decision-Making Processes of Nepali Care Workers. Gender Issues. 40 (2-4), 275-295

Huxley, P., Krayer, A., Poole, R., Prendergast, L., Aryal, S. and Warner, R., (2021). Schizophrenia outcomes in the 21st century: A systematic review. Brain and Behavior. 11 (6), e02172-

Adhikari, SR. and Aryal, S., (2018). Assessing Nepal’s Health Policies and Programmes from a Human Rights Perspective. Indian Journal of Public Health. 62 (2), 123-127

Reports and Papers (2)

Hudson, M., Aryal, S. and Hammer, A., (2022). Addressing Inequalities: The Role of Staff Race Networks, ACAS Research Partnership Project Report

Donini, A., Sharma, JR. and Aryal, S., (2013). Structural Violence and Social Suffering among Marginal Nepali Migrants

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