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Dr Katya Al Khateeb
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Katya joined Essex Law School and Human Rights Centre in 2019. She holds an LLM in International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law, a PhD and MA in Literature and Film Studies from University of Essex, a BA in Cultural Studies (Hons) from Tishreen University in Syria. Katya's PhD thesis examines the use/misuse of human rights narratives in popular culture to legitimise political/military actions. Her LLM thesis examines the use of human enhancement technologies in the military. Katya's strategic steps and research growth are at the intersection of law, technology, and culture. She is also interested in humanitarian law and transitional justice, particularly in the context of Syria. Katya works closely with the Essex Human Rights Centre. She has been the blog editor since 2019. She also was the deputy Director of the Digital Verification Unit. She is an active member of the following HRC projects: Armed Conflict and Acute Crisis Hub, Essex Transitional Justice, and Human Rights Local.


  • LLM in International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law University of Essex, (2018)

  • PhD In Literature, Theatre, and Film Studies University of Essex, (2016)

  • MA in Literature, Theatre, and Film Studies University of Essex, (2011)

  • BA in Comparative Cultural Studies Tishreen University, (2007)


University of Essex

  • Senior Research Officer, Essex Law School, University of Essex (1/3/2019 - present)

  • Research Officer, Essex Law School, University of Essex (1/10/2018 - 1/3/2019)

  • Assistent Lecturer, Department of Literature, Theatre, and Fim Studies, University of Essex (1/10/2013 - 1/7/2014)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Human Rights Law

Open to supervise

International Humanitarian Law (IHL)

Key words: Human Enhancement Technology in the Military
Open to supervise

Law & Culture (including art & literature)

I am interested in the intersection of law and literature in two ways. First, conducting legal inquiries on emerging technologies through Speculative fiction. Second, exploring the literary spaces that criticises legal norms and participate in informing the process of law reform.

Open to supervise

Conferences and presentations

Transnational Justice and the Ethics of Inclusion in the Syrian Diaspora

Sectarianism, Proxies & De-sectarianisation (SEPAD) Interdiscplinary Conference, United Kingdom, Lancaster, United Kingdom, 1/12/2022

Human Enhancement Drugs in the Military and Protection of Soldier’s Rights in Armed Conflict

The Future of Human Rights in the UK, Brighton, Brighton, United Kingdom, 18/12/2019

‘Ideological Oscillations: ‘The Immigrant’ between the Crucible and the Snowglob’

The British Comparative Literature Association (BACL), 17/5/2013

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Foundations of Human Rights (HU100)

  • Human Rights, Regional Systems & Global Challenges (HU200)

  • Human Rights: Theories and Applications (HU901)

  • Human Rights and the Arts (HU932)

  • Current Challenges in the Law of Armed Conflict (LW804)

  • Public International Law (LW902)

  • Academic Skills in International Law (LW949)

  • Gender, Race, Identity and Human Rights (HU931)


Book chapters (1)

Lubell, N. and Al Khateeb, K., (2023). Cyborg Soldiers: Military Use of Brain-Computer Interfaces and the Law of Armed Conflict. In: Big Data and Armed Conflict: Legal Issues Above and Below the Armed Conflict Threshold. Editors: Dickinson, L. and Berg, E., . Oxford University Press. 249- 272. 0197668615. 9780197668610

Other (2)

Duffy, A. and Al Khateeb, K., Conflicting Narratives Post-Conflict: The Agree to Disagree

Al Khateeb, K., Human Rights at “home”

Grants and funding


Resistance, Reconciliation and Peacebuilding by Syrian Artists in Exile

University of Essex (QR Impact Fund)


Agree to Disagree? Responding to Intolerant Narratives in Initiatives for Transformative Justice

University of Essex (ESRC IAA)

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5S.7.21, Colchester Campus

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