Shellie Wall

Senior Research Officer
School of Life Sciences
 Shellie Wall


Journal articles (3)

Faralli, M., Mellers, G., Wall, S., Vialet-Chabrand, S., Forget, G., Galle, A., Van Rie, J., Gardner, KA., Ober, ES., Cockram, J. and Lawson, T., (2024). Exploring natural genetic diversity in a bread wheat multi-founder population: Dual imaging of photosynthesis and stomatal kinetics. Journal of Experimental Botany, erae233-

Wall, S., Cockram, J., Vialet-Chabrand, S., Van Rie, J., Gallé, A. and Lawson, T., (2023). The impact of growth at elevated [CO2] on stomatal anatomy and behavior differs between wheat species and cultivars.. Journal of Experimental Botany. 74 (9), 2860-2874

Wall, S., Vialet-Chabrand, S., Davey, P., Van Rie, J., Galle, A., Cockram, J. and Lawson, T., (2022). Stomata on the abaxial and adaxial leaf surface contribute differently to leaf gas exchange and photosynthesis in wheat.. New Phytologist. 235 (5), 1743-1756

Book chapters (1)

Stevens, J., Faralli, M., Wall, S., Stamford, J. and Lawson, T., (2021). Stomatal responses to climate change. In: Photosynthesis, respiration and climate change. Editors: Becklin, K., Ward, J. and Way, D., . Springer Nature. 17- 47. 978-3-030-64925-8



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