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Dr Alexei Vernitski

Senior Lecturer
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Dr Alexei Vernitski
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My current research is in 1) mathematics education, especially increasing motivation of learners of mathematics; 2) using reinforcement learning, deep neural networks and universal algebra to study knot theory, with possible applications in computer vision. Previously, most of my research was in universal algebra. My PhD is in semigroup theory. Currently I supervise PhD students in mathematics education. I supervised one PhD student (Dr Zsofia Juhasz) in universal algebra (semigroup theory). Also I conducted research in applications of mathematics to computer science, mostly on a method of compressing data called Bloom filters. I supervised two PhD students in this area (Dr Gokce Caylak Kayaturan and Dr Laura Carrea). Before starting work at Essex, I worked as a programmer in the financial sector and as a lecturer in computer science.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Applying algebra (especially semigroups) to study knots, graphs etc.

My plans include 1) applying semigroups to study bounded rationality and, in particular, the negotiations scenario known as the repeated prisoner's dilemma; 2) using algebra to study certain classes of knots related to so-called rational tangles.

Key words: group theory
Open to supervise

Mathematical education; in particular, increasing motivation of learners of mathematics

Inspired by Carol Dweck's growth mindsets and Jo Boaler's mathematical mindsets, I research how this creative and nurturing approach can help learners of mathematics.

Key words: teaching
Open to supervise

Machine learning in mathematics; reinforcement learning applied to knot theory

One of my current interests is combining mathematics and new machine learning technology to enable the computer to manipulate mathematical objects.

Key words: machine learning
Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Calculus (MA101)

  • Matrices and Complex Numbers (MA114)

  • Discrete Mathematics (MA181)

Previous supervision

Gokce Caylak
Gokce Caylak
Thesis title: Representing Shortest Paths in Graphs Using Bloom Filters Without False Positives and Applications to Routing in Computer Networks
Degree subject: Mathematics
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 29/6/2018
James Christopher Waumsley
James Christopher Waumsley
Thesis title: An Analysis of Various Heuristic Approaches for Satisfying Routing Requests in Networks
Degree subject: Mathematics
Degree type: Master of Science (by Dissertation)
Awarded date: 22/9/2014
Laura Carrea
Laura Carrea
Thesis title: Optimised Probabilistic Data Structures for Forwarding in Information Centric Networking
Degree subject: Computing and Electronic Systems
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 26/7/2013


Journal articles (28)

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Books (1)

(2004). Russian and Soviet Film Adaptations of Literature, 1900-2001. Routledge. 020301104X. 9780203011041

Book chapters (1)

Lisitsa, A. and Vernitski, A., (2017). Automated Reasoning for Knot Semigroups and  $$\pi $$ π -orbifold Groups of Knots. In: Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences. Springer International Publishing. 3- 18. 9783319724522

Conferences (10)

Khan, A., Lisitsa, A. and Vernitski, A., (2021). Gauss-Lintel, an Algorithm Suite for Exploring Chord Diagrams

Fish, A., Lisitsa, A. and Vernitski, A., (2018). Visual Algebraic Proofs for Unknot Detection

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Karapetyan, D. and Vernitski, A., (2017). Efficient adaptive implementation of the serial schedule generation scheme using preprocessing and bloom filters

Kayaturan, GC. and Vernitski, A., (2017). Encoding Shortest Paths in Triangular Grids for Delivery Without Errors

Kayaturan, GC. and Vernitski, A., (2016). Routing in hexagonal computer networks: How to present paths by Bloom filters without false positives

Kayaturan, G. and Vernitski, A., (2016). A Way of Eliminating Errors When Using Bloom Filters for Routing in Computer Networks

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Vernitski, A., (2013). Authentication grid

Shuping Peng, Nejabati, R., Escalona, E., Simeonidou, D., Anastasopoulos, M., Georgakilas, K., Tzanakaki, A. and Vernitski, A., (2012). Performance modelling and analysis of dynamic virtual optical network composition

Reports and Papers (1)

Kayaturan, GC. and Vernitski, A., (2018). Encoding shortest paths in graphs assuming the code is queried using bit-wise comparison

Other (2)

Vernitski, A., (2015).An invariant of scale-free graphs,University of Essex

Vernitski, A., (2015).A simple technique for choosing and managing secure passwords: passwords with a random on-paper part,University of Essex, Department of Mathematical Sciences

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