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Dr Bedanand Upadhaya
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Bedanand Upadhaya is currently working as a Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Essex Business School, University of Essex. His research interests include corporate social responsibility/sustainability, climate change, organisational culture, management control systems and developing/emerging countries. Bedanand has presented his research papers in reputed national and international research conferences and published his research papers in leading international peer-reviewed academic journals, including the International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Journal of Business Research, Business, Strategy and the Environment, and Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management. Bedanand is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK, and a member of the British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA). During his Ph.D., Bedanand received the ‘Higher Degree Research Academic Research Excellence Award’ from the Faculty of Business and Economics, Macquarie University, Australia. As a unit coordinator, lecturer and tutor, Bedanand has taught a wide range of courses/modules, including accounting (Management and Financial Accounting, Accounting Theory and Research in Accounting Practice), business and management (International Business and Global Business Strategy) units in the higher education sector of Australia. Prior to joining academia, Bedanand worked in a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company for over a decade.


  • PhD Macquarie University,

  • Postgraduate Certificate of Research (Accounting) Macquarie University,

  • Master of Professional Accounting University of Southern Queensland,


University of Essex

  • Senior Lecturer, Accounting, Essex Business School (1/10/2021 - present)

  • Associate Director of Postgraduate Research (Accounting Group), Essex Business School, University of Essex (8/2022 - present)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Corporate social responsibility/Sustainability practices in emerging/developing countries

Key words: Corporate social responsibility/Sustainability
Open to supervise

Conferences and presentations

Mediating Role of MCS on the association between CSR and organisational performance

19th BAFA Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies SIG Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic, 21/6/2019

Association between corporate social responsibility, management control systems and organisational performance

8th Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting (APIRA) Conference, APIRA Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 13/7/2016

Mediating role of organisational culture on adoption of corporate social responsibility

46th Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, Seattle, United States, 21/11/2015

Diffusion of corporate social responsibility: Evidence from a developing country

26th International Congress on Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR Conference), St Andrews, United Kingdom, 26/8/2014

Association between corporate social responsibility and organisational performance

Global Management Accounting Research Symposium (GMARS) Emerging Scholar Forum, Sydney, Australia, 6/2014

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Management Accounting (BE151)

  • Sustainability Accounting, Accountability and Management (BE168)

  • Professional and Academic Development (Accounting) (BE907)

  • In-Site Workshop Series (BE961)


Journal articles (9)

Wijethilake, C., Adhikari, P. and Upadhaya, B., (2024). Regulatory capture in transboundary waste dumping: (Lack of) accountability in the Global North – South context. Organization and Environment. 37 (1), 84-116

Wijethilake, C., Upadhaya, B. and Lama, T., (2023). The role of organisational culture in organisational change towards sustainability: Evidence from the garment manufacturing industry. Production Planning and Control. 34 (3), 275-294

Adhikari, P., Upadhaya, B., Wijethilake, C. and Dhakal Adhikari, S., (2023). The Sociomateriality of Digitalisation in Nepalese NGOs. British Accounting Review. 55 (5), 101206-101206

Yi, L., Wang, Y., Upadhaya, B., Zhao, S. and Yin, Y., (2021). Knowledge spillover, knowledge management capabilities, and innovation among returnee entrepreneurial firms in emerging markets: Does entrepreneurial ecosystem matter?. Journal of Business Research. 130, 283-294

Wijethilake, C. and Upadhaya, B., (2020). Market drivers of sustainability and sustainability learning capabilities: The moderating role of sustainability control systems. Business Strategy and the Environment. 29 (6), 2297-2309

Upadhaya, B., Wijethilake, C., Adhikari, P., Jayasinghe, K. and Arun, T., (2020). COVID-19 Policy Responses: Reflections on Governmental Financial Resilience in South Asia. Journal of Public Budgeting Accounting and Financial Management. 32 (5), 825-836

Upadhaya, B., Munir, R., Blount, Y. and Su, S., (2018). Does organizational culture mediate the CSR – strategy relationship? Evidence from a developing country, Nepal. Journal of Business Research. 91, 108-122

Upadhaya, B., Munir, R., Blount, Y. and Su, S., (2018). Diffusion of corporate social responsibility in the airline industry. International Journal of Operations & Production Management. 38 (4), 1020-1040

Upadhaya, B., Munir, R. and Blount, Y., (2014). Association between performance measurement systems and organisational effectiveness. International Journal of Operations & Production Management. 34 (7), 853-875

Grants and funding


The role and impact of PFM systems in supporting fiscal transparency and public accountability

The World Bank (World Bank Group)


Integrating Climate Change within Public Investment Policies: A Cross Country Assessment in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka and Nepal)

The World Bank (World Bank Group)

Integrating Climate Change within Public Investment Policies: A Cross Country Assessment in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka and Nepal)

The World Bank (World Bank Group)

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EBS.1.11G, Colchester Campus

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Monday: 10:30 - 12:30 Wednesday: 10:30 - 11:30. If you want to meet me at another time, please email me.

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