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Dr Danielle Tucker
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Dr Danielle Tucker is a Lecturer in Management at the University of Essex. Before joining Essex Business School (EBS), she held Post-Doctoral positions at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) and Imperial College, London, UK. She completed her PhD in Management at the University of Kent, UK, in 2011. Her research interests focus on evaluating complex change management initiatives both nationally and internationally for public sector organisations. Theoretically, Danielle is interested in the interconnected cycle of change contextualisation, interpretation and conceptualisation. Specifically, she has published research on the interpretation of communication during organisational change. In addition, Danielle is interested in the role of various actors in change management strategy and the rhythm and momentum of change efforts. Danielle?s work draws upon the literature of organizational behaviour and organizational psychology and she favours a multidisciplinary approach to research. She has experience of both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, and the use of field questionnaires, interviews, focus groups and experimental data collection methods as well as Social Network Analysis. Danielle is an Academic Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


  • PhD in Management, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE), University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.

  • BA Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management and Social Psychology, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Organisational change management

Strategic communication during change

Organisational trust

Management of change inhealthcare sector organisations

Organisational memory and forgetting

Hubristic leadership and organisational failure

The role of change agents and project teams

Current research

Ongoing projects looking at employee reactions to organisational change. In particular the interpretation of strategic communication and the roles of various key change management players (e.g. middle managers and change agents)

The role of organisational practices and governance in enabling corporate hubris (a form of toxic leadership) and organisational failure

New projects on the topic of organisational memory/forgetting and the dynamic of change management project teams will begin soon.

Understanding shared vision and strategic ambiguity in Integrated Care

Accountable Care Partnerships (also known as Integrated Care Systems, ICS) in the UK will see NHS organisations making changes in care models and adopting a new commissioning approach with the aims to reduce reliance on A&E and hospitals and to create better continuity of care for complex patients. This research studies how different stakeholder partners work together to create a shared purpose which spans multiple professional and organisational groups. It will consider the implementation of implementation plans in an ambiguous and dynamic policy context and the sustainability of the partnership relationship

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Reward Management (BE477)

  • Student Success Tutorial (BE916)

  • Student Success Tutorial (BE917)

  • Independent Study Project: Management/Marketing (BE938)

  • Research Evaluation (BE950)

  • Managing Organisational Change (BE482)

Previous supervision

M Hussam Krkjie
M Hussam Krkjie
Thesis title: Exploring Academics' Lived Experience of Managing Academic and Commercially-Oriented Activities in a UK University
Degree subject: Management Studies
Degree type: Master of Philosophy
Awarded date: 16/3/2018


Journal articles (9)

Poels, T., Tucker, DA. and Kielema, J., (2017). The development of a theoretical framework of Organisational Rhythm. Journal of Organizational Change Management. 30 (6), 888-902

Tucker, DA., Hendy, J. and Barlow, J., (2016). The dynamic nature of social accounts: An examination of how interpretive processes impact on account effectiveness. Journal of Business Research. 69 (12), 6079-6087

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Tucker, DA. and Hendy, J., (2015). An Examination of the Processes by which Social Accounts Influence Change. Academy of Management Proceedings. 1 (1), 11084-11084

A. Tucker, D., Hendy, J. and Barlow, J., (2014). When infrastructure transition and work practice redesign collide. Journal of Organizational Change Management. 27 (6), 955-972

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Tucker, DA., Yeow, P. and Viki, GT., (2013). Communicating During Organizational Change Using Social Accounts. Management Communication Quarterly. 27 (2), 184-209

Tucker, DA., Hendy, J. and Barlow, J., (2012). Sensemaking and Social Accounts of Middle Managers. Academy of Management Proceedings. 2012 (1), 14017-14017

Book chapters (1)

Tucker, DA. and Cirella, S., (2018). Agents of change: insights from three case studies of hospital transformations. In: Research in Organizational Change and Development. Editors: Shani, AB. and Noumair, D., . Emerald. 307- 340. 9781787563520

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