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Lisa Spantig joined the department in 2019. Her research interests focus on topics at the intersection of behavioral and development economics. In her research, she uses experimental methods ranging from lab to field and combines them with survey and administrative data to study fundamental and applied questions.


  • PhD in Economics Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, (2018)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, Economics, University of Essex (1/9/2019 - present)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Behavioral Economics

Development Economics

Experimental Economics

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Introduction to Behavioural Economics (EC209)


Journal articles (6)

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Kubilay, E., Raiber, E., Spantig, L., Cahlikova, J. and Kaaria, L., (2023). Can you spot a scam? Measuring and improving scam identification ability. Journal of Development Economics. 165, 103147-103147

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Spantig, L., (2021). Cash in hand and savings decisions. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 188, 1206-1220

Kocher, MG., Schudy, S. and Spantig, L., (2018). I Lie? We Lie! Why? Experimental Evidence on a Dishonesty Shift in Groups. Management Science. 64 (9), 3995-4008

Book chapters (1)

(2017). Tunisia's International Relations since the 'Arab Spring'. In: Tunisia's International Relations Since the 'Arab Spring': Transition Inside and Out. Routledge. 215- 237. 9781138738201

Reports and Papers (4)

Czura, K., John, A. and Spantig, L., Flexible Microcredit: Effects on Loan Repayment and Social Pressure

Deversi, M. and Spantig, L., (2023). Incentive and Signaling Effects of Bonus Payments: An Experiment in a Company

Kubilay, E., Raiber, E., Spantig, L., Cahlíková, J. and Kaaria, L., (2023). Can You Spot a Scam? Measuring and Improving Scam Identification Ability

Czura, K., Englmaier, F., Ho, H. and Spantig, L., (2023). Employee Performance and Mental Well-Being: The Mitigating Effects of Transformational Leadership During Crisis

Scholarly Editions (1)

Kocher, MG., Schudy, S. and Spantig, L., (2016). I lie? We lie! Why? Experimental evidence on a dishonesty shift in groups

Grants and funding


Workshop: Scam identification ability and sharing of information

University of Essex (CPPE)


Scam identification ability, confidence, and the use of digital financial services

Innovations for Poverty Action


Motivating loan officers to improve the provision of financial services to the poor

University of Essex (GCRF)

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5B.319, Colchester Campus

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