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Dr. Syed Tariq Shah is a distinguished academic with a rich background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He earned his Master's and Ph.D. degrees from Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea, specializing in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Telecommunications), in 2015 and 2018 respectively. Dr. Shah's journey in academia has been marked by a blend of rigorous research and impactful teaching. He has joined the University of Essex as an Assistant Professor (Lecturer), following his tenure as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Glasgow, UK. Prior to this, he contributed significantly to the Department of Electrical Engineering at BUITEMS, Pakistan, in the capacity of an Associate Professor. His research domains are at the forefront of technological advancement, focusing on cutting-edge areas such as 5G and beyond networks, Open RAN, AI-enabled wireless networks, RF energy harvesting, and Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces. Dr. Shah's expertise is not only recognized in academia but also in the industry, as evidenced by his role as an Editor for the Electronics Journal and his contributions as a reviewer for various prestigious IEEE Transactions, Letters, and Magazines. Dr. Shah's commitment to advancing the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is evident in his dedication to both research and teaching.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

My Current Research Interests

Dr. Syed Tariq Shah's research interests lie at the intersection of advanced wireless technologies and the application of AI in telecommunications. He is deeply engaged in exploring the potential of 5G and beyond networks, delving into how these next-generation networks can revolutionize communication and data exchange. A significant part of his work involves Open RAN (Radio Access Network), where he investigates more flexible and interoperable wireless networks, aiming to democratize and innovate within the telecommunications industry. His interest in AI-enabled wireless networks is driven by the potential of AI to optimize network performance and efficiency, a crucial aspect in meeting the ever-growing demand for faster and more reliable wireless communication. Additionally, Dr. Shah is pioneering research in RF (Radio Frequency) energy harvesting, a field that promises to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of wireless networks. Another innovative area of his research is Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces, which he believes are key to overcoming current limitations in wireless communication by smartly manipulating signal propagation environments. Through his research, Dr. Shah aims to not only contribute to academic knowledge but also to pave the way for practical, real-world applications that reshape how we interact with technology.

Key words: 5G&B Wireless Networks
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Current research

My Current Research

My current research focuses on pioneering advancements in the field of AI-enabled wireless networks and their integration into 5G and beyond technologies. I am deeply involved in exploring how artificial intelligence can optimize network performance, making communication faster and more reliable. A significant aspect of my work also revolves around Open RAN, aiming to revolutionize wireless network infrastructure for enhanced interoperability and flexibility. Additionally, I am investigating the potential of RF energy harvesting and Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces, striving to overcome current limitations in wireless communications and enhance network efficiency. For a comprehensive understanding of my research scope and to delve into my latest findings, I invite you to visit my Google Scholar profile and review my recently published papers, where I elaborate on these cutting-edge technologies and their real-world applications.

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Digital Communications (CE702)


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Book chapters (1)

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Conferences (19)

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