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Professor Christine Raines
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Posts and Training October 1985 Post-doctoral Researcher, Institute of Plant Science Research, Cambridge.? August 1988 Lecturer, Department of Biology, University of Essex October 1995 Senior Lecturer, Biological Sciences, University of Essex October 2002 Reader, Biological Sciences, University of Essex October 2004 Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Essex February - April 2000 Visiting Fellow, RSBS, ANU, Canberra - Editor in Chief of the Journal of Experimental Botany - Member of SEB Plant Section Committee - Member of SEB Council Current Funding Illnois-Gates subcontract RIPE project - Re-engineering of carbon metabolism 2013-2017 BBSRC-IWYP - Realising increased photosynthetic efficiency to increase wheat yields, 350 K PI (1/1/2016-31/12/2018) Group Members Postdoctoral Researchers: Andrew Simkin,Patricia Lopez, Stuart Fisk Research Technician: Kenny Brown PhD Students:Amani Abuzaid,Bandar Aljuaid,Saqer Alotaibi, Mohammed Alqurashi External Research Collaborations Professor Matin Parry Rothamsted Research, UK Professor Stephen Long, Illinois, US

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Transgenic manipulation of leaf carbon metabolism to imporve crop yield

The role of plant biotechnology in the production of plants for improved yield for food and fuel

Photosynthetic carbon metabolism and links to thiamine biosynthesis

Regualtion of the Calvin Benson Cycle by the CP12 protein

Teaching and supervision

  • Issues in Biomolecular Science (BS304)

  • Plant Biotechnology (BS323)


Journals (84)

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Newton Fund: PhD Placement grant

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PHOTOWHEAT: Exploiting variation in stomatal dynamics and ear photosynthesis to optimise wheat productivity.

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15-IWYP Realising increased photosynthetic efficiency to increase wheat yield

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15-IWYP - Wider and faster: high-throughout phenotypic exploration of novel genetic variation for breeding high biomass and yield in wheat

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Improving the Thermal Tolerance of Photosynthesis in Wheat

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RIPE: Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency for Sustainable Increases in Crop Yield

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Manipulation of photosynthetic carbon metabolism in wheat to improve yield

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Metabolic engineering to enhance photosynthesis based on empirical data and in silico modelling

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