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Dr Sarita Panday



I am a Lecturer in Global Public Health. I have expertise in Maternal Health and Community Health Systems, Health Policy and Practice, including health system strengthening, health inequalities and disaster resilience in the Global South. I have both quantitative and qualitative research expertise, but I am more interested in using qualitative research approaches. I have used participatory research approaches to build capacity of both urban and remote communities (e.g. participatory photos, participatory videos, participatory workshops, and participatory policy analysis). I enjoy working with academic and non-academic partners at national and international level. In both research and teaching, I like to create engaging sessions to explore issues that affect human health. I see my role as a facilitator; supporting students to meet their goals for learning and promoting critical reflection and questioning of evidence.


  • PhD in Public Health University of Sheffield, (2016)

  • Combined Masters in Public Health & Masters in Health Management The University of New South Wales, (2010)

  • Bachelor in Science in Nursing (BSc. Nursing) B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, (2005)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, School of Health and Social Care, University of Essex (14/10/2021 - present)

Other academic

  • Honorary Research Fellow, Politics and International Relations, The University of Sheffield (15/10/2021 - 14/10/2024)

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Politics and International Relations, University of Sheffield (31/7/2021 - 14/10/2021)

  • Global Challenge Fellow, Politics and International Relations, University of Sheffield (31/7/2019 - 30/11/2021)

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Shorenstein, The Asia Pacific Research Centre (APARC), Stanford University (1/10/2018 - 31/7/2019)

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Sheffield, Politics and International Relations (11/9/2017 - 10/9/2018)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Service Improvement Project (HS195)

  • Service Improvement Project (HS246)

  • Introduction to Global Health (HS887)

  • Dissertation (HS982)


Journal articles (9)

Rushton, S., Pandey, S., Van Teijlingen, E., Subedi, M., Balen, J., Karki, J. and Simkhada, P., An Investigation into the Impact of Decentralization on the Health System of Nepal. Journal of Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences. 7 (1), 3-14

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Asiamah, N., Kanekar, A., Khan, HTA., Panday, S. and Mensah, SW., (2022). Neighbourhood walkability as a moderator of the associations between older adults’ information technology use and social activity: A cross-sectional study with sensitivity analyses. Journal of Transport & Health. 26, 101480-101480

Panday, S., Rushton, S., Karki, J., Balen, J. and Barnes, A., (2021). The role of social capital in disaster resilience in remote communities after the 2015 Nepal earthquake. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 55, 102112-102112

Panday, S., Bissell, P., Teijlingen, EV. and Simkhada, P., (2019). Perceived barriers to accessing Female Community Health Volunteers’ (FCHV) services among ethnic minority women in Nepal: A qualitative study. PLOS ONE. 14 (6), e0217070-e0217070

Panday, S., Bissell, P., van Teijlingen, E. and Simkhada, P., (2017). The contribution of female community health volunteers (FCHVs) to maternity care in Nepal: a qualitative study. BMC Health Services Research. 17 (1), 623-

Grants and funding


Achieving fair and inclusive access to maternal child healthcare for women from marginalised populations in rural Nepal through community engagement

University of Essex (CPPE)



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