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Susan Oliver joined the Department in 2010. Her research specialisms are late-eighteenth-century and Romantic period literature, transatlantic studies, Scottish literature, periodical culture, and environmental writing. She also works on the more general literature and culture of the long nineteenth century. Her interests in art and music inform her work with students. The British Academy awarded Susan the Rose Mary Crawshay Prize (2007) for her bookScott, Byron and the Poetics of Cultural Encounter. Shehas published widely on British Romantic literature and American nineteenth-century writing, and is completing monographs on transatlantic periodical culture and on Walter Scott's environmentalism. Susan serves on the Advisory Board of the North American Society for Studies in Romanticism (NASSR), the Executive Committee of the British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) and the Advisory Committee of the MLA International Bibliography. She is Senior Bibliographer for the MLA. Susan is a member of the editorial board of the Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture. In recent years Susan has held Fellowships at the Armstrong Browning Library, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Library Company of Philadelphia, Huntington Library, American Philosophical Society, Modern Language Association, and the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the Edinburgh University. She is Honorary Fellow in Literary Studies in the Department of English,University of Wyoming, and a Senior Member of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge. Susan is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Susan welcomes enquiries about postgraduate study for projects involving Romantic writing, transatlantic studies, ecocriticism and environmental writing, Scottish literature, periodical culture, andnineteenth-century British and American literature. Current and former graduate students have worked on topics including North-Sea Islands and literary geographies, nineteenth-century education and literature, Scottish literature and forestry, the novels of William Godwin, William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Percy Shelley, eighteenth-century gothic literature, literary Darwinism, nineteenth-century Anglo Indian periodicals, Thomas Hardy, Henry James, Edith Wharton and D. H. Lawrence.


  • B.A. Essex

  • Ph.D. Cantab.

  • FHEA.


University of Essex

  • Director of Research, Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies University of Essex ( 10/8/2015 - 17/8/2018 )

  • Academic Staffing Committee, Literature, Film, and Thatre Studies University of Essex ( 1/8/2014 - 31/7/2020 )

  • Collaborative Board, Centre for Environment and Society University of Essex ( 31/1/2016 - present )

  • Athena SWAN Institutional Self Assessment Team, University of Essex ( 3/12/2013 - present )

Other academic

  • Honorary Fellow in Literary Studies, English University of Wyoming ( 1/1/2013 - present )

  • Advisory Committee, MLA International Bibliography Modern Language Association ( 1/7/2015 - 30/6/2018 )

  • Senior Bibliographer, MLA International Bibliography Modern Language Association ( 1/7/2015 - present )

  • Bibliographer, MLA International Bibliography Modern Language Association ( 1/7/2009 - 30/6/2015 )

  • Bibliography Fellow, MLA International Bibliography Modern Language Association ( 1/7/2005 - 30/6/2009 )

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Romantic period

Walter Scott

Charles Lamb

Scottish literature

Ballads and folk literature

Late 18th Century British and American literature

19th century British and American literature

Charles Brockden Brown

Periodicals and magazines

Transatlantic studies 18th and 19th century literature

Nature writing and ecocriticism

Borders and cultural encounters

Teaching and supervision

  • Modern Revolutions in Science, Politics, and Culture (CS101)

  • Dangerous Ideas: Essays and Manifestos as Social Criticism (CS301)

  • Origins and Transformations in Literature and Drama (LT111)

  • Versions of Modernity (LT202)

  • Critical Theory (LT204)

  • Postcolonial Perspectives: Literature through the Ages (LT246)

  • Romanticism: Poetry and Prose (LT306)

  • The Victorians: Writers and Society (LT307)

  • Writing in Society: The Art of Communication (LT705)

  • Independent Literature Project (LT831)

  • Georgian and Romantic Literature and Drama (LT924)

  • Literature and the Environmental Imagination: 19th to 21st Century Poetry and Prose (LT978)

  • I, too, sing America: Identity, Diversity, and Voice in United States Literature (LT203)


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Books (2)

Oliver, S., (2017). The Yearbook of English Studies Vol 47 (2017). Modern Humanities Research Association. 9781781882931

Oliver, S., (2005). Scott, Byron and the Poetics of Cultural Encounter. Palgrave Macmillan. 9780230555006

Book chapters (10)

Oliver, S., (2019). The Monastery: A Romance. In: The Cambridge Guide to the English Novel 1660 - 1820. Editors: London, A., . Cambridge University Press

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Conferences (29)

Oliver, S., "Rocks and Hard Places: Romanticism and the Agency of Stone.”

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Other (10)

Oliver, S., (2016).Plants and Antibiotics: some thoughts on reading the NY Times article ?Could Ancient Remedies Hold the Answer to the Looming Antibiotics Crisis??,

Oliver, S., (2016).Seeing beyond the Sandhill Cranes: a trip from Eastern Wyoming into Nebraska.,blogpost.

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Oliver, S., (2014).Of Rocks and Hard Places . . .,Blogpost -

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Green Scott: Walter Scott's Environmentalism and Writing the Ecologies of a Nation

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