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Dr Rick O'Gorman
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Dr Rick O'Gorman initially studied psychology for his BSc at University College Cork, Ireland. He then completed an MA at University College Dublin on non-verbal behaviour in 1996. After a brief sojourn for fieldwork in the Gambia,hecommenced a PhD at the State University of New York, Binghamton, in the US. His PhD examined social norms from an evolutionary perspective, working with David Sloan Wilson. After completing his PhD in 2003,Dr Rick O'Gormanmoved to Essex to work with Marco Perugini on implicit attitudes, before moving to the University of Kent to work with Mark van Vugt on leadership. He joined the psychology group at Sheffield Hallam University as a lecturer in 2007 before moving to our Department in August 2009.


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Research and professional activities

Research interests

Evolutionary psychology

Pro-social behaviour

Social norms

Leadership and group functioning

Intergroup conflict

Computer modelling of social phenomenon

Applications of social cognition techniques to evolutionary questions

Teaching and supervision

  • Discovering Psychology: The Science Behind Human Behaviour (PS111)

  • Research Methods in Psychology (PS114)

  • Preparing for University Psychology (PS116)

  • Introduction to Personal Development and Employability (PS117)

  • Enhancing employability and career planning (PS417)

  • Evolutionary Psychology: Evolutionary Approaches to Psychology (PS490)

  • Advanced employability skills and career progression (PS492)

  • MSc Psychology Research Project (PS900)

  • Special Topics in Social Psychology (PS933)

  • Research Project (MSc) (PS934)


Journal articles (17)

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Book chapters (5)

O'Gorman, R. and Silke, A., (2015). Terrorism as Altruism: An Evolutionary Model for Understanding Terrorist Psychology. In: Evolutionary Perspectives on Terrorism and Political Violence. Editors: Taylor, M., Pease, K. and Roach, J., . Taylor & Francis Group. 149- 163. 978-1-13-877458-2

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Conferences (3)

Webb, ALM., Hibbard, PB. and O'Gorman, R., (2017). The Effect of Emotional Expression on the Luminance Contrast of Faces

Webb, A., Hibbard, P. and O'Gorman, R., (2015). Variation in female reproductive hormones does not affect contrast sensitivity

Ayres, K., Conner, M., Perugini, M., O'Gorman, R. and Prestwich, A., (2008). Moderators of implicit/explicit attitudes and eating behaviour

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The Experimental Study of Cultural Transmission: When and who do people copy?

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