Dr James Muldoon

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Dr James Muldoon

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Current teaching responsibilities

  • Management and Strategy (BE485)

  • Dissertation in Management (BE988)

  • Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management (BE486)


Journal articles (12)

Muldoon, J. and Sun, P., The Global Gig Economy: How Transport Platform Companies Adapt to Regulatory Challenges - A Comparative Analysis of Six Countries. Industrial Law Journal

Muldoon, J. and Booth, D., (2024). Socialist democracy: Rosa Luxemburg’s challenge to democratic theory. Philosophy & Social Criticism. 50 (2), 369-390

Muldoon, J., Cant, C., Wu, B. and Graham, M., (2024). A Typology of AI Data Work. Big Data and Society. 11 (1)

Fischli, R. and Muldoon, J., (2024). Empowering Digital Democracy. Perspectives on Politics, 1-17

Bonhomme, M. and Muldoon, J., (2024). Racism and Food-Delivery Platforms: Shaping Migrants’ Work Experiences and Future Expectations in the United Kingdom and Chile. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 1-24

Muldoon, J., Cant, C., Graham, M. and Ustek, F., (2023). The Poverty of Ethical AI: Impact Sourcing and AI Supply Chains. AI and Society: the journal of human-centered systems and machine intelligence

Muldoon, J. and Apostolidis, P., (2023). ‘Neither work nor leisure’: Motivations of microworkers in the United Kingdom on three digital platforms. New Media & Society

Muldoon, J. and Raekstad, P., (2023). Algorithmic domination in the gig economy. European Journal of Political Theory. 22 (4), 587-607

Muldoon, J. and Wu, B., (2023). Artificial Intelligence in the Colonial Matrix of Power. Philosophy and Technology. 36 (4)

Muldoon, J., (2022). Data-owning democracy or digital socialism?. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 1-22

Muldoon, J., (2022). A socialist republican theory of freedom and government. European Journal of Political Theory. 21 (1), 47-67

Muldoon, J. and Rye, D., (2020). Conceptualising party-driven movements. The British Journal of Politics and International Relations. 22 (3), 485-504

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The Climate Crisis and Democratic Reform

Arts and Humanities Research Council

Platforms without Borders: Examining Migrant Labour on Global On-Demand Labour Platforms

Economic and Social Research Council

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