Dr Callum Morgan

School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences
Dr Callum Morgan



I joined the School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences in October 2023 as a Lecturer in Coaching Pedagogy. My research draws upon dramaturgical, emotional and relational theorising to critically examine how coach educators, coaches, athletes and other stakeholders experience and participate in their everyday workplace practices, interactions and relationships. I place an emphasis on understanding the social processes and complexities that feature in the realities of collaborating with, educating and influencing others, including "what" sport employees do, "where", "when", "how", "with whom" and "why". I am particularly passionate about using in-situ research methods to explore the various impression management strategies that individuals and groups use within their respective workplace performances. My research activities seek to support the development of the wider sport workforce and influence positive changes in employee preparation policy.


  • PhD: Sociology of Sport Work Northumbria University, (2023)

  • MSc: Sport and Exercise Psychology Northumbria University, (2017)

  • MSc: Professional Practice in Sport Coaching Northumbria University, (2016)

  • BSc: Applied Sport Science with Coaching Northumbria University, (2015)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer in Coaching Pedagogy, School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences, University of Essex (1/10/2023 - present)

Other academic

  • Associate Lecturer in Sport Coaching, Department of Sport, Exercise, and Rehabilitation, Northumbria University (1/4/2018 - 1/7/2023)

  • Research Fellow, Department of Sport, Exercise, and Rehabilitation, Northumbria University (1/8/2021 - 1/7/2022)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Issues in Sport and Exercise Science (SE305)

  • Research Project (SE740)

  • Professional Skills and Development 1 (SE101)

  • Sport and Exercise Psychology (SE104)

  • Introduction to Coaching (SE107)

  • Research Methods in Sport and Exercise (SE230)

  • Skill Acquisition and Expertise in Sport (SE762)

  • Applied Pedagogical Principles of Sports Coaching (SE209)

  • Research Project (SE309)

  • Sport and Performance Psychology (SE207)

  • Contemporary Issues and Perspectives in the Sport Pedagogy Landscape (SE333)


Journal articles (2)

Hall, E., Nichol, A., Morgan, C., McCutcheon, M. and Potrac, P., (2024). Understanding workplace collaboration in professional rugby coaching: A dramaturgical analysis. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health. 16 (4), 352-367

Nichol, AJ., Potrac, P., Hayes, PR., Boocock, E., Vickery, W., Morgan, C. and Hall, ET., (2023). Coaching in the shadows: critically examining the unintended (non)influence of pedagogical practice. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy. 28 (4), 362-379

Book chapters (3)

Potrac, P., Hall, E., McCutcheon, M., Morgan, C., Kelly, S., Horgan, P., Edwards, C., Corsby, C. and Nichol, A., (2022). Developing Politically Astute Football Coaches: An Evolving Framework for Coach Learning and Coaching Research. In: Coach Education in Football Contemporary Issues and Global Perspectives. Editors: Leeder, TM., . Taylor & Francis. 15- 28. 1003148786. 9781003148784

Potrac, P., Gearity, B., Nichol, A., Morgan, C. and Hall, E., (2021). Coaching Profession: Acting as a Coach. In: Coaching for Human Development and Performance in Sports. Editors: Resende, R. and Gomes, R., . Springer Nature. 125- 142. 3030639126. 9783030639129

Potrac, P., Ives, B., Gale, L., Nelson, L. and Morgan, C., (2021). Community Sport Coaching and Impression Management. In: Community Sport Coaching Policies and Practice. Editors: Ives, B., Potrac, P., Gale, L. and Nelson, L., . Taylor & Frances. 210- 223. 0367746786. 9780367746780

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