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Professor Ewa Morawska

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Department of Sociology
Professor Ewa Morawska
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Currently Supervised PhD Students Gulzat Botoeva Sait Bayrakdar Nephat Shumba Parvaneh Professional Service -Executive Board member, Research Committee on Historical Sociology,International Sociological Association -Vice-President, Research Committee on International Migration,International Sociological Association -Executive Board member, Immigration and Ethnic History Society -Memebr of the Academic Advisory Board, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity -Member of the Coalition for the National Museum of the American PeopleMember of international migration research networks of the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, University of Amsterdam; Institute fuer Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelle Studien, University of Osnabrueck; International Migration and Ethnic Relations, Malmo University; Istituto Carlo Cattaneo, University of Trent.


  • PhD in Sociology, Boston University 1976

  • MA in History, Warsaw University 1973

  • MA in Sociology, Warsaw University 1972

Research and professional activities

Research interests

(Im)Migration/Ethnicity (Policies, Settlement, Adaptation) in the Context of Globalization and in a Historical-Comparative Perspective (Europe and North America, 19th-21st C) Ground-level Multiculturalism Across Time and Space East European Societies in Transition

Comparative-Historical Sociology Classical and Contemporary Social Theory Qualitative Research Methods

Current research

a comparative historical-sociological study of ground-level multiculturalism inRenaissance Venice, Eighteen-century St. Petersburg, and wilhelmine Berlin (research design in progress)

Teaching and supervision

Previous supervision

Tilotama Pradhan
Tilotama Pradhan
Thesis title: The Intellectual, Emotional and Sociocultural Experience of Indian Students in the U.K.
Degree subject: Sociology
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 30/10/2019
Sylvia Magdalena Meichsner
Sylvia Magdalena Meichsner
Thesis title: Understanding Care in its Context. a Case Study on Residential Child- and Youthcare in the Mexican-American Border Zone.
Degree subject: Sociology
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 5/7/2017
Nephat Shumba
Nephat Shumba
Thesis title: Essays on Socio-Economic Integration of Immigrants in the UK Labour Market: Deskilling, Gendering of Occupations and Earning Trajectories.
Degree subject: Sociology
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 22/4/2016
Gulzat Janybekovna Botoeva
Gulzat Janybekovna Botoeva
Thesis title: The Local DrUG Economy: The Case of Hashish Production in a Post Soviet Kyrgyz Village
Degree subject: Sociology
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 29/1/2016
Sait Bayrakdar
Sait Bayrakdar
Thesis title: Educational Outcomes and Mobility in Turkish Migrant and Non-Migrant Families
Degree subject: Sociology
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 30/9/2015
Hatice Goze Orhon
Hatice Goze Orhon
Thesis title: The Weight of the Past: Memory and Turkey's 12 September Coup
Degree subject: Sociology
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 22/1/2014
Amika Wardana
Amika Wardana
Thesis title: 'Living In-Between': The Multiple Integration Trajectories of the London Indonesian Muslim Immigrants
Degree subject: Sociology
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 23/10/2013


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Books (5)

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Book chapters (18)

Morawska, ER., (2018). Chapter 7: Qualitative Migration Research: Goals Pursued, Questions Asked, and Answers Accommodated. In: Handbook of Qualitative Research on European Migration. Editors: Zapata Barrero, R. and Yalaz, E., . Springer

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Reports and Papers (3)

Morawska, E., (2011). Studying International Migration in the Long(er) and Short(er) Duree: Contesting Some and Reconciling Other Disagreements Between the Structuration and Morphogenetic Approaches

Morawska, E., (2010). Glocalization Effects of Immigrants? Activities on the Home and Host Societies: An Exploration of a Neglected Theme

Morawska, E., (2008). East European Westbound Income-Seeking Migrants: Some Unwelcome Effects on Sender- and Receiver-Societies




Colchester Campus

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Wednesday 11.00-12.00; Thursday 10.00-11.00