Aidan Meekings

Graduate Laboratory Assistant
School of Life Sciences
Postgraduate Research Student
School of Life Sciences
 Aidan Meekings


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  • Structural Biochemistry
  • X-ray Crystallography
  • Molecular Biology
  • Metalloproteins
  • Ammonia Oxidisong Archaea


My research involves determining the structures of metal-containing enzymes using a combination of molecular biololgy, biochemistry and structural biology to characterise metalloproteins, these include multicopper oxidases and nitrite reductases. I am also incorporating microbiology techniques to examine the roles of these proteins which reside in ammonia oxidising archaea (N.Maritimus), thus determining the role of these organisms in copper homeostasis.


  • Biomedical Science (BSc) Anglia Ruskin University (2020)

  • Biotechnolgy (MSc) University of Essex (2021)

Research and professional activities


Novel copper proteins in ammonia oxidising archaea and their role in production of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide

Supervisor: Prof Jonathan Worrall , Prof Corinne Whitby , Prof Mike Hough

Research interests

Structural Biochemistry

X-ray Crystallography of Metalloproteins

Copper Homeostasis in N.Maritimus



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