Dr Ana Matran-Fernandez

Artificial Intelligence Industry Fellow
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
Dr Ana Matran-Fernandez
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    5B.544, Colchester Campus

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    My academic support hours are on Tuesdays 1-2pm (Zoom: 961 5768 2348) and Fridays 3-4pm (Zoom: 93106448682)



  • PhD University of Essex, (2017)

  • MSc Biomedical Engineering, University of Surrey, 2011

  • BEng Telecommunications Engineering, University of Valladolid, 2010


Other academic

  • Artificial Intelligence Industry Fellow, University of Essex (1/4/2018 - present)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Brain-Computer interfaces

Open to supervise

machine learning applied to biomedical signals

Open to supervise

Event-Related Potentials (ERPs)

Open to supervise


Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Data Science and Decision Making (CE888)


Journal articles (4)

Malesevic, N., Björkman, A., Andersson, GS., Matran-Fernandez, A., Citi, L., Cipriani, C. and Antfolk, C., (2020). A database of multi-channel intramuscular electromyogram signals during isometric hand muscles contractions.. Scientific Data. 7 (1), 10-

Matran-Fernandez, A., Rodriguez Martinez, IJ., Poli, R., Cipriani, C. and Citi, L., (2019). SEEDS, simultaneous recordings of high-density EMG and finger joint angles during multiple hand movements. Scientific Data. 6 (1), 186-

Matran-Fernandez, A. and Poli, R., (2017). Brain-Computer Interfaces for Detection and Localization of Targets in Aerial Images. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. 64 (4), 959-969

Matran-Fernandez, A. and Poli, R., (2017). Towards the automated localisation of targets in rapid image-sifting by collaborative brain-computer interfaces. PLoS ONE. 12 (5), e0178498-e0178498

Book chapters (2)

Valeriani, D. and Matran-Fernandez, A., (2018). Past and Future of Multi-Mind Brain-Computer Interfaces. In: Brain-Computer Interfaces Handbook: Technological and Theoretical Advances. Editors: Nam, CS., Nijholt, A. and Lotte, F., . CRC Press. 685- 700. 9781498773430

Matran-Fernandez, A., Valeriani, D. and Poli, R., (2016). Toward BCIs Out of the Lab: Impact of Motion Artifacts on Brain-Computer Interface Performance. In: Wireless Medical Systems and Algorithms: Design and Applications. Editors: Salvo, P. and Hernandez-Silveira, M., . CRC Press. 219- 240. 1-4987-0076-4. 978-1-4987-0076-4

Matran-Fernandez, A., Poli, R. and Cinel, C., (2013). Collaborative brain-computer interfaces for the automatic classification of images

Stoica, A., Matran-Fernandez, A., Andreou, D., Poli, R., Cinel, C., Iwashita, Y. and Padgett, C., (2013). Multi-brain fusion and applications to intelligence analysis

Poli, R., Cinel, C., Matran-Fernandez, A., Sepulveda, F. and Stoica, A., (2013). Towards cooperative brain-computer interfaces for space navigation

Grants and funding


The development of a new CPD tracker using AI and embedded machine learning to track and enhance performance of all staff.

Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board)

AI-Assisted Decision-Making System for Cancer Pathways of the Colchester Hospital

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust


Develop AI methods to optimise interactions with customers.

Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board)



5B.544, Colchester Campus

Academic support hours:

My academic support hours are on Tuesdays 1-2pm (Zoom: 961 5768 2348) and Fridays 3-4pm (Zoom: 93106448682)

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