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Professor Holly Maples
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  • PhD in Theatre Trinity College Dublin, (2008)

  • MA in Theatre Studies University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, (2004)

  • BA Acting Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, (1999)

  • BA in English Literature Boston University, (1996)


University of Essex

  • Senior Lecturer in Theatre, East 15 School of Acting, University of Essex (2/1/2020 - present)

  • Director of Post Graduate Research and Impact, East 15 School of Acting, University of Essex (20/1/2020 - present)

Other academic

  • Senior Lecturer in Theatre, Brunel University London, Goldsmiths University of London (1/10/2014 - 31/12/2019)

  • Lecturer in Drama, School of Literature, Drama, and Creative Writing, University of East Anglia (1/9/2007 - 30/9/2014)

Research and professional activities

Conferences and presentations

Mixed Reality and Immersive Cultural Heritage

Invited presentation, ZIP Scene, Zip Scene, Budapest, Hungary, 11/11/2022

Decolonizing Sites Through Performance

International Federation of Theatre Research, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, 29/6/2022

Breaking the Silence: The British Slave Trade in Performance

National Council on Public History, NCPH Virtual Crossroads Conference 2022, 5/5/2022


Journal articles (3)

Maples, H. and Dima, M., (2021). Affectual Dramaturgy for Augmented Reality Immersive Heritage Performance. Body, Space and Technology. 20 (1), 25-36

Maples, H., (2016). The Erotic Voyeur: Sensorial Spectatorship in Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man. Journal of Contemporary Drama in English. 4 (1), 119-133

Maples, H., (2012). Embodying Resistance: Gendering Public Space in Ragtime Social Dance. New Theatre Quarterly. 28 (3), 243-259

Books (1)

Maples, H., (2011). Culture War Conflict, Commemoration and the Contemporary Abbey Theatre. Peter Lang. 3034301375. 9783034301374

Book chapters (7)

Maples, H. and Rowson, J., (2021). Theatres in the Dark: COVID-19s Impact on Digital Performance, Advocacy, and the Online Public Sphere in the UK Theatre Industry. In: Theatre and Performance During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Editors: Krpič, T., . The Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia (DGKTS), The Festival Borštnikovo Srečanje (SNG Maribor) and the Faculty of Social Sciences Publishing House (Ljubljana University)

Maples, H., (2021). Touching Past Lives: The Limits of Evaluating Immersive Heritage Performance Audiences. In: Impacting Theatre Audiences: Methods for Studying Change. Editors: Snyder-Young, D. and Omasa, M., . Routledge. 9781032214139

Maples, H., (2012). Performing Cultural Trauma: The 1980 'A Sense of Ireland' Festival. In: Staging Thought: Essays on Irish Theatre, Practice and Scholarship. Editors: Trench, R., . Peter Lang. 978-3034308045

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Maples, H., (2010). The Past is Myself: The Politics of Commemoration and the Irish National Theatre Society. In: Memory Ireland: Volume 1: History and Modernity. Editors: Frawley, O., . Syracuse University Press. 0815632509. 978-0815632504

Maples, H., (2009). Parading Memory: The Production of Commemoration in Contemporary Ireland. In: Performance of Violence in Contemporary Ireland. Editors: Fitzpatrick, L., . Carysfort Press. 978-1904505440

Maples, H., (2009). Parading Multicultural Ireland: Identity Politics and National Agenda’s in the 2007 St. Patrick’s Festival. In: Performing at the Crossroads: Critical Essays on Performance Studies and Irish Culture. Editors: Brady, S. and Walsh, F., . Palgrave. 237- 248. 978-0-230-21998-4

Reports and Papers (1)

Maples, H., Edelman, J., Fitzgibbon, A., Harris, L., Klich, R., Rowson, J., Taroff, K. and Young, A., (2022). Freelancers in the Dark: The Economic, Cultural, and Social Impact of Covid-19 on UK Theatre Workers Final Report

Exhibitions (7)

Maples, H., Touching Past Lives: Sensorial Spectatorship in the Paston Footprints Project

Trench, R. and Maples, H., Knock Me Down

Maples, H., Breaking the SIlence on Abolition and the Slave Trade. Performance

Maples, H., Ebbs and Flows

Maples, H., Dima, M., Caulfield, M. and Daylamani-Zad, D., Mixed Reality Heritage Project Historic Deerfield

Maples, H., Dima, M., Caulfield, M., Bouchard, D. and Daylamani-Zad, D., Mixed Reality Heritage Project English Heritage site Marble Hill

Maples, H., Paston Heritage Immersive Audio Walking Tours. Audio

Other (1)

Maples, H., (2019).Viking: Discover the Legend Performances,Norwich Castle Musem

Grants and funding


Evaluation ACE Freelance Study of Cultural Workforce

Arts Council England

Decolonizing Heritage Sites Impact Leave

University of Essex (QR Impact Fund)


Designing Mixed Reality Heritage Performances to Support Decolonisation of Heritage Sites

Arts and Humanities Research Council

What is Real Inclusion in the Arts: Working Class Artists and Meaningful Change in the Creative Industries

University of Essex

Impact Global Work

University of Essex (ESRC IAA)


Heritage Tour travel

University of Essex (CPPE)


The Economic, Social, and Cultural impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Independent Arts Workers in the United Kingdom

Economic and Social Research Council