Kareemah Chopra

Assistant Lecturer
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Mathematical Sciences
 Kareemah Chopra



I am currently in the completion phase of my PhD in Biostatistics, and my primary interests lie in animal behaviour and movement, health and welfare and data analysis. My current research focuses on the use of tracking sensors to automatically monitor the behaviour and movements of housed dairy cows, with a view to improve their management. This involves analysing their social networks and investigating their behavioural responses to changing environmental conditions. This is part of the 'Cow Tracking Project', and involves working closely with farmers and the dairy industry. Alongside my PhD, I am working as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics.


  • BSc Zoology (first class honours) Swansea University (2018)

  • MRes Biosciences Swansea University (2020)

Research and professional activities


Analysing the Movement and Behaviour of Housed Dairy Cows (PhD)

Supervisor: Professor Edward Codling , Dr Thomas Cameron



STEM 5.1, Colchester Campus