Carol Macaskill

Department Manager
Department of Economics
 Carol Macaskill


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  • professional services across the department
  • supporting the department's academic leaders on planning, managing resources and representing the department across the university


Carol joined the University in September 2017. Her previous higher education experience was as Director of Operations at University Campus Suffolk (now University of Suffolk) and as Head of Initial Teacher Education at the London Institute of Education. Carol has taught in high schools and has worked in the private and charity sectors in marketing, communications and project management. She cycles very slowly to work and in her spare time enjoys hiking, skiing, sailing, watching football and drinking beer as a shareholder in her local pub.


  • MBA Cass Business School (now Bayes), London (1999)

  • MA Institute of Education (1993)

  • PGCE London (1984)

  • BSc Geology London (1981)

+44 (0) 1206 872728


5B.206, Colchester Campus

Working pattern:

Wed pm, Thursday, Friday Tel: (44) 01206 872728