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Dr Matt Lodder is a lecturer in contemporary art and Director of American Studies at the University of Essex. His research primarily concerns the application of art-historical methods to history of Western tattooing from the 17th century to the present day, with a principal focus on the professional era from the 1880s onwards. He has given invited lectures at venues including the V&A, the National Museum of Scotland, and the Museum of London. He has published academic papers in venues including the Sculpture Journal, and contributed forewords for over a dozen popular books on tattooing. He has contributed articles to the Royal Academy Magazine, History Today, The Guardian and others, and appeared on broadcast media across the globe. His first book, on the history of Western tattooing, is currently in production. His latest major exhibition, 'British Tattoo Art Revealed', is on at the National Maritime Museum Falmouth until January 2018. Matt is currently Director of American Studies, overseeing the US degree programs within the Interdisciplinary Studies Centre.


  • BA (Hons) French & German University of Bradford

  • MA, Critical Theory (The Body and Representation) - Reading

  • PhD, History of Art - Reading

Research and professional activities

Research interests

tattooing and body modification in their historical and theoretical contexts

lowbrow, outsider, countercultural, kitsch and erotic art & visual culture

the visual and cultural contexts of sex and sadomasochism, including pornography

internet and digital art

methodologies of art historical and visual culture study

Current research

The History of Tattooing in Britain and America, 1600 - Present

The Cultural Contexts of Operation Spanner / R v Brown

Postwar Californian Lowbrow and Outsider Art, focussing on Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth

The impact of Christopher Alexander's Architectural Theory on Contemporary Software Design (Preliminary)

Conferences and presentations

I don't mind being branded a fashion victim, but an S&M victim I am not: Operation Spanner, Mr Sebastian, and the strange problem of the navel piercing, Operation Spanner: History, Culture, Crime conference, University of Essex & Royal Holloway, UL. 2015

Gunpowder Under the Skin: Tattooing in Late 18th Century Maritime Culture, AAH, University of Reading 2013

Tattooing as High?Status Commodity Art in the Late 19th Century, CAA, New York, February 2013

The New Old Style: Tradition, Archetype and Rhetoric In Contemporary Western Tattooing, Revival: Utopia, Identity And Memory, The Courtauld Institute of Art 2012

Tattooing as Artistic Practice: People of the State of New York v. Spider Webb at CAA, New York 2011

The Myth of the Modern Primitive at AAH10, University of Glasgow 2010

How do you make yourself a Body without Organs? the post?modified body and the Deleuzian paradigm at Somatechnics,Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia 2007

Self?Made Men: Male genital modification and the (re)construction of masculine identity at GENCAS ? Haunted Bodies, Universityof Swansea 2006

Human Canvas: The Modified Body as Art Object at RX Futures Space, Object, Idea, Kingston University. 2006

Teaching and supervision

  • Study Trip Abroad (Year 2) (AR224)

  • The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction: Film, New Media, Software and the Internet (AR322)

  • Study Trip Abroad (Final Year) (AR342)

  • Inventing the Future: Early Contemporary 1945-1980 (AR346)

  • Capstone Preparation Module (AR701)

  • Art and Politics (AR937)

  • Modern Revolutions in Science, Politics, and Culture (CS101)

  • Introduction to Contemporary Latin America (CS141)

  • The World in Question: the Social, Political and Psychological Legacies of the Enlightenment (CS201)

  • Navigating the Digital World (CS220)

  • Crisis of the American Idea (CS261)


Journal articles (5)

Lodder, M., (2016). Visual pleasure and gonzo pornography: Mason’s challenge to convention in ‘the hardest of hardcore’. Porn Studies. 3 (4), 373-385

Dymock, A. and Lodder, M., (2016). 'The Erotics of Injury: Remembering Operation Spanner Workshops', 10&11 September 2015, University of Essex and Royal Holloway, University of London. Porn Studies. 3 (3), 320-323

Lodder, M., (2015). ‘Things of the sea’: iconographic continuities between tattooing and handicrafts in Georgian-era maritime culture. Sculpture Journal. 24 (2), 195-210

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Books (2)

Lodder, M., (2019). Tattoo: An Art History (Forthcoming). IB Tauris. 9781780762364

Lepine, A., Lodder, M. and McKever, R., (2015). Revival: Memories, Identities, Utopias. The Courtauld Institute of Art. 978-1-907485-04-6

Book chapters (11)

Lodder, MC., (2017). Foreword. In: Tattoo An Illustrated Miscellany. Editors: Hardy, L., . Robinson. xi- xiv. 1472136926. 9781472136923

Lodder, M., (2015). The New Old Style: Tradition, Archetype and Rhetoric in Contemporary Western Tattooing. In: Revival: Memories, Identities, Utopias. Editors: Lepine, A., Lodder, M. and McKever, R., . The Courtauld Institute of Art. 978-1-907485-04-6

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