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BIOGRAPHY I am Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Essex. Before joining the Department in 1998, I was Senior Lecturer in the School of English at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Prior to that I taught at the University of Warwick, where I studied for my MA in English Literature and PhD in Comparative Literary Theory. I am a founding member of the Centre for Film and Screen Media, established at Essex in 2001, and was its Director from 2003-2008. I am also a member of the Centre for Bibliographical History, based in the Department of History. Since 1998 I have served on the Executive Committee of the British Comparative Literature Association (BCLA). RESEARCH My research interests are in nineteenth and twentieth-century literature and film, and include book and film history, reception, adaptation, and translation studies. I have published on the relations between print and screen media, and am especially interested in the effects of media technologies on the senses, perception, and cognition; and the effects of print, cinematograph, and computer on practices of reading, writing, and translation. I have written on Jane Austen, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Angela Carter, and Kathy Acker; and on films by the Lumieres, G. W. Pabst, David Cronenberg, and Ridley Scott. My work is driven by a love of theory, ranging from literary theory, and theories of editing and translation, to film theory and media philosophy. My books include Theories of Reading: Books, Bodies, and Bibliomania (2006), which was funded by the British Academy and published in Spanish by Manantial (2008); Cinematicity in Media History (2013 with Jeffrey Geiger); and A Companion to Translation Studies (2007 with Piotr Kuhiwczak). I am also co-guest-editor of three special issues of Comparative Critical Studies for the British Comparative Literature Association: Inventions: Literature and Science (2005), Cinematicity (2009), and Migration (2014). My next book is A History of Literature and Film for Routledge, which focuses on the ways in which literary writing has been reshaped by moving pictures and gives a revisionary account of literary history from the perspectives of film. I am the author of journal articles in SubStance; MLN; Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies; Forum for Modern Language Studies; Dedalus (Portuguese Comparative Literature Association); PKn: Primerjalna knjizevnost (Slovene Comparative Literature Association); Translation Studies; TTR: Traduction Terminologie Redaction (Canadian Association for Translation Studies); Theatre Research International; and of book chapters in collections such as Translation and World Literature (2018), Film Analysis. A Norton Reader (2013), New Takes in Film-Philosophy (2010), Crash Cultures: modernity, mediation and the material (2002), and Alien Identities: Exploring Differences in Film and Fiction (1999). SUPERVISION I have supervised and examined theses in the UK and EU, including a Doctor Europaeus. I welcome applications for doctoral research in any of the following areas: * literature and film * film adaptation, intermediality, transmedia * comparative literature, rewriting, and translation * history of the book, silent cinema, and new media * technology, mediality, materialism * reception studies and the history of reading * physiology of reading, embodied spectator, affect Please note that I do not supervise practice-based research in creative writing or film.


  • BA Trent

  • MA Warwick

  • PhD Warwick


University of Essex

  • Study Abroad Officer, Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies University of Essex ( 1/1/2018 - present )

  • Deputy Director of Research, Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies University of Essex ( 5/10/2015 - 10/10/2016 )

  • Director of Research, Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies University of Essex ( 26/4/2010 - 5/10/2015 )

Research and professional activities

Conferences and presentations

[Guest Speaker] "Filmic Translation and Transmediation", Bristol Seminar, Faculty of Arts, University of Bristol.

[Plenary] "Mediality in Flux", Workshop: Media in Motion, in collaboration with Konstanz University, University of Essex.

[Conference Paper] "Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the Cinematic Imagination", Panel on Cinematicity in Media History, 53rd Annual Conference: Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Chicago.

[Plenary] "Translating between Media", Translating and Interpreting Across Media: Exploring the Relevance of (Inter)mediality for Language Pedagogy, Sponsored by The Higher Education Academy / AHRC, University of Manchester.

[Guest Speaker] "Myth and Translation", Translation Seminar, Centre for Co-Curricular Studies, Imperial College, London.

[Guest Speaker] "Reading in the Age of Edison", Departmental Seminar, Fachbereich Literaturwissenschaft, Universität Konstanz, Germany.

[Guest Speaker] "Subsequent Steps towards a Media History of the Book", Seminar Series - Landmarks in Book History: the Future of the Discipline, The Open University's Book History Research Group, and the Institute of English Studies, University of London.

[Conference Paper] Panel on "Embodied Reading", Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing (SHARP) Conference: The Book in Art & Science, Library of Congress, Washington DC.

[Plenary] "Darwin's Radio: Media and Cultural Change", Possible Worlds - A Day Conference in Honour of Dame Gillian Beer, Queen Mary, University of London.

[Plenary] "The Movie-minded Reader", Interdisciplinary Workshop: Engaging with Film: Perspectives on Cinematic Literacy, Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick.

[Public Lecture] "History of Translation: from Scroll to Hypertext", City University London Events, in association with UCL and SOAS.

[Guest Speaker] "Translation and Book History", Reseach Seminars in Translation Studies, University of Edinburgh/ Herriot Watt University.

[Jury-selected Guest and Speaker] "An Archaeology of Affect: Reading, History and Gender", Who Reads? 25th Vilenica International Literary Festival, Lipica, Slovenia.

[Keynote] "Intermedial Translation", Symposium: Disordering the Disciplines: Translation and Interdisciplinarity, University of East Anglia.

[Plenary] "Medea's Gift", International Congress: Women and Translation, Asociación de Estudios Históricos de la Mujer de la Universidad de Málaga, Spain.

[Guest Speaker] "Cross-media Translation", Translation Studies Seminar, Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester.

[Guest Speaker] "Cross-media Histories - Why Book History matters to Film History, and vice versa", The History and Language of Print Culture Research Seminar, University of Salford, Manchester.

[Keynote] "The Physiology of Momentary Angels: Towards a Reception Aesthetics of Media", International Conference: Philosophy and Film/ Film and Philosophy, University of the West of England & the Arnolfini, Bristol.

[Conference Paper] "Technological Aesthesis: The Impressing Inventions of Gutenberg and the Lumières", British Comparative Literature Association XIII International Conference, Literature and Science, University of Leeds.

[Conference Paper] "The Physiology of Consumption", Unprincipled Passions: Emotion and Modernity, University of Southampton .

[Conference Paper] "Translating like/as a Woman", Conference: Gender and Translation, University of East Anglia.

[Conference Paper] "The Scattering of Languages", Paideia. XXth World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, US.

[Conference Paper] "The Power of Myth: Babel, Oedipus, Pandora", Conference on Translation and Power, University of Warwick.

[Conference Paper] "Derrida in Translation", Applied Derrida, University of Luton

[Conference Paper] "Reading Thieving Theorizing", ESSE European Society for the Study of English, University of Glasgow.

Teaching and supervision

  • Approaches to Film and Media (LT121)

  • Versions of Modernity (LT202)

  • Approaches to Text (LT204)

  • Narrative and Film (LT206)

  • Writing in Society: The Art of Communication (LT705)

  • Independent Literature Project (LT831)

  • Independent Film Project (LT833)

  • Independent Project in Film Studies (LT834)

  • Adaptation (LT928)


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Books (2)

Littau, K. and Geiger, J., (2009).Cinematicity (Special Issue of Comparative Critical Studies). Edinburgh University Press

Littau, K. and Falconer, R., (2005).Inventions: Literature and Science (Special Issue of Comparative Critical Studies). Edinburgh University Press

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