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Jordon Lazell is a Lecturer in Marketing and Director of Student Recruitment at Essex Business School. His research explores the issue of food waste. He focuses on the factors shaping consumer food waste behaviours as well as the operational and retail practices of businesses and voluntary sector organisations. He also has a keen interest in surplus food supply chains and their role in supporting community organisations fight food poverty. He has undertaken research on a range of sustainability topics such as the Circular and Convivial Economy. Jordon is a co-editor of the Routledge Handbook of Food Waste and has published in journals such as the Journal of Business Research, the Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Sustainability, the International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing and Social Business. In 2023 and 2021 he led the organisation of the Future of Food Symposium, a conference with a global audience that focuses on bringing together academics and practitioners to discuss the challenges facing the sustainability of food and its role as a vehicle for societal change. Jordon has more than 10 years experience successfully delivering projects on numerous topics. This includes the challenges facing community food organisations in light of the cost of living crisis, an evaluation of environmental engagement in the city of Coventry’s 2021 City of Culture Programme, the challenges facing the creative freelance sector, the sustainability risks to Indonesian coffee supply chains, and the lived experience of decline payday loan applications, amongst other work. Jordon delivers lectures on Operations and Supply Chain Management, Retail Management, Introduction to Management, the Social and Environmental Impact of Business operations, the Problem of Food Waste and Internet Mediated Research Methods, amongst other topics. He also supervises PhD, Masters of Marketing, MBA and undergraduate research projects. He received his PhD from Coventry University in 2021 which developed a contribution towards a theories of practice approach. His work conceptualised the social, spatial and temporal factors that shape unsustainable consumption practices, focusing on the problem of household food waste. Prior to joining Essex Business School in January 2023, Jordon was a Researcher at the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University.


  • PhD in Consumer Food Waste Behaviours Coventry (United Kingdom), (2021)

  • Masters by Research Coventry University, (2013)

  • BA (Hons) Geography Coventry University, (2012)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Consumer food waste behaviour

Key words: consumer behaviour
Open to supervise

Sustainable Consumption

Key words: Circular Economy
Open to supervise

Circular Economy

Key words: Circular Economy

Current research

Ready Healthy Eat: Reflective Learning and Knowledge Exchange Evaluation

This project is a reflective learning evaluation of the Ready Healthy Eat project which aimed to increase access and understanding of how 'ready meals' can help tackle food poverty in different parts of the UK. This project was funded by National Lottery Community Fund and involved partners from The Real Farming Trust and Coventry University

Conferences and presentations

A more resilient food future? The challenges and opportunities of charitable food supply chains

Invited presentation, Eastern Arc Conference 2023: Food in a Time of Crisis, university of kent, 20/9/2023

The Future of Food Symposium 2023: Examining the role of food as a vehicle for social change

Invited presentation, The Future of Food Symposium 2023: Examining the role of food as a vehicle for social change, 24/5/2023

The Future of Food Symposium 2021: From Recovery to Resilience

Invited presentation, The Future of Food Symposium 2021: From Recovery to Resilience, 8/9/2021

The challenge of diverting food surplus away from landfill: Insights from a study of the food retail supply chain in Southern Africa

3rd Indonesian Circular Economy, Ullman Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia, 11/11/2019

The challenge of diverting food surplus away from landfill: Insights from a study of the food retail supply chain in Southern Africa

The Future of Food Symposium 2019: Food Waste, and New Models of Social Eating Symposium, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 20/6/2019

Methods to get at the heart of consumption: Insights from a practice based study of food waste and everyday life.

Food, Communities and Sustainability Seminar, Newcastle-under-Lyme, United Kingdom, 1/5/2018

Trying their best? The social context of food waste at consumer level

The School of Oriental and African Studies Food Forum, London, United Kingdom, 24/11/2017

Food waste across space and place: Understanding the transition of Food into Waste in the Context of Urban Lives in the UK

18th European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production, Skiathos, Greece, 1/10/2017

Food waste across space and place: Understanding the transition of Food into Waste in the Context of Urban Lives in the UK

Opening the bin: New perspectives on waste, culture and society from the humanities and the social sciences, Helsingborg, Sweden, 27/4/2017

Consumer food waste behaviour across space and place: A research approach

International Sustainable Development Society Research Conference PhD workshop, Lisbon, Portugal, 12/7/2016

A practice theory approach of understanding the transition of food into waste in the context of urban lives in the UK

Food for Thought PhD colloquium, Colchester, United Kingdom, 12/11/2015

. Flexible ethics across space and place: a study of tourist food consumption

Global Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption Conference 2015, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, 1/11/2015

Understanding the Flexible nature of consumption: Food consumption at home and on holiday

Corporate Responsibility Research Conference 2015; Creative Destruction or Creating Destruction?, Talence, France, 16/9/2015

Food waste prevention: Using Social Media as a Tool for Behaviour Change.

Association of American Geographers Conference, Chicago, United States, 21/4/2015

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Introduction to Management (BE401)

  • Operations and Supply Chain Management (BE411)

  • Retail Management (BE426)

  • Independent Study Project: Management/Marketing (BE938)


Journal articles (8)

Appleyard, L., Packman, C., Lazell, J. and Aslam, H., (2023). The Lived Experience of Financialization at the UK Financial Fringe. Journal of Social Policy. 52 (1), 24-45

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Bashiri, M., Tjahjono, B., Lazell, J., Ferreira, J. and Perdana, T., (2021). The Dynamics of Sustainability Risks in the Global Coffee Supply Chain: A Case of Indonesia–UK. Sustainability. 13 (2), 589-589

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Lazell, J., (2016). Consumer food waste behaviour in universities: Sharing as a means of prevention. Journal of Consumer Behaviour. 15 (5), 430-439

Books (1)

Reynolds, C., Soma, T., Spring, C. and Lazell, J., (2020). Routledge Handbook of Food Waste. Routledge

Book chapters (3)

Moreno, LC., Lazell, J., Mavrakis, V. and Li, B., (2020). Moving beyond the 'what' and 'how much' to the 'why': Researching food waste at the consumer level. In: Routledge Handbook of Food Waste. 269- 292

Spring, C., Soma, T., Lazell, J. and Reynolds, C., (2020). Food waste: An introduction to contemporary food waste studies. In: Routledge Handbook of Food Waste. 1- 19

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Conferences (3)

Lazell, J., Smith, M., Bek, D. and Harvey, J., Future of Food Symposium 2021: From Recovery to Resilience

Eremionkhale, G., Sekhon, H., Lazell, J., Spiteri, L. and Eremionkhale, A., (2021). The role of an augmented theory of planned behaviour (Tpb) on recycling behaviours in lagos nigeria

Nathan, T., Tjahjono, B., Begley, J. and Lazell, J., (2021). A conceptual framework for adopting ambidexterity in circular supply chains

Reports and Papers (11)

Saxena, L., Owen, L. and Lazell, J., Ready Healthy Eat: The Social Impact of Ready Healthy Eat Programme 2020-2023

Lazell, J., Saxena, L., Smith, M., J, R., M, S., Mazhandu, C., Jamil, L. and Cala, DR., The Future of Food Symposium 2023: Examining food as a vehicle for societal change

Smith, M., Bek, D. and Lazell, J., (2023). Supporting Frontline Community-Based Organisations in the Fight Against Hunger in the East Midlands

Tjahjono, B., Beltran, M., Lazell, J., Bek, D. and Bogush, A., (2022). Prototyping Solutions: Findings from the third UK SIMBIO social innovation lab – and SIMBIO project implications

Henry, N., Barker, V., Sissions, P., Broughton, K., Lazell, J. and Angus, T., (2021). Creating Value in Place: Understanding the Role, Contribution and Challenges of Creative Freelance Work

Lazell, J., Beltran, M., Tjahjono, B., Bek, D. and Bogush, A., (2021). Seeing the system: Findings from the first SIMBIO workshop

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Appleyard, L., Packman, C. and Lazell, J., (2018). The Lived Experience of Declined Payday loan Applicants in Glasgow. Report for Carnegie UK Trust and Barrow Cadbury Trust

Appleyeard, L., Packman, C. and Lazell, J., (2018). Payday Denied: Exploring the lived experience of declined payday loan applicants

Lazell, J., Carrigan, M., Bosangit, C., Magrizos, S., Dukes, N. and Beech, R., (2016). Leading Locally: Sustainable Food Tourism in St Ives Research Findings.

Broughton, K., Lazell, J., Begley, J. and Berkeley, N., (2014). Analysis of Socio-economic developments and their links to accessibility issues.

Grants and funding


Feasibility study on consumer decision making and the potential for influencing behaviour through the use of technology to deliver information

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