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Nancy studied phonology for her PhD at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, MA in Linguistics at SOAS, University of London, and BA in Linguistics at the University of Zambia. Following her PhD she held a post-doctoral position in Leiden and at SOAS for three years. Her research centrally focus on Bantu languages, particularly on phonology but also on phonology-syntax interface and morphosyntax. She has worked on many topics in phonology including nasalisation, palatalisation, spirantisation, vowel harmony, strength relations, segmental structure, syllable structure, derived environments, licensing, tone, intonation and element theory. She has published in international journals including Phonology, The Linguistic Review, Lingua, Transactions of The Philological Society, JALL, SAL, Lingusitic Analysis and is co-editor of The Continuum/Bloomsbury Companion to Phonology (2011/2013). Her research interests are in decsriptive and theoretical linguistics (morphology and phonology), Bantu Languages, endangered languages and African linguistics in general. She runs the Phonology Research Group.


  • BA Lusaka (UNZA)

  • MA London (SOAS)

  • PhD Leiden (LUCL)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Phonological Theory

Phonology-Prosody Interface

Second Language Phonology

Phonology-Syntax Interface

Bantu Languages

Tone and prosodic systems

Current research

Nancy is currently working on intonation in Bantu languages (currently focusing on Bemba) and the interaction between lexical tone and intonational tone in such systems. She is also looking at tonal change in Bantu and how this can be accounted for in contemporary phonological theory.

Conferences and presentations

Boundary tones in Bemba. Workshop on Intonation in African Languages, CALL 46, University of Leiden, 31st August 2016 (with Silke Hamann). - Presentation

Comparative evidence in the analysis of additive focus. Syntax of the Worlds Languages, University of Mexico, 17-19 August 2016 (with Lutz Marten).- Presentation

Depressor effects in Bantu (& Khoisan). East Coast Phonology Meeting, Durham, 7th July 2016 (with Xiaoxi Liu)- Presentation

Are subjects = topics in Bantu? What does intonation show? International conference on Bantu Languages 6, University of Helsinki, 20-23 June 2016.- Presentation

Phonetic and Phonological factors in L2: On the emergence of new features. 13th Old World Conference in Phonology, Budapest, 13-16 January 2016 (with Nasir Abbas).- Presentation

Intonational cues for subjects and topics in Bantu. LAGB, UCL, 15-18 September 2015- Presentation

Correlations and non-correlations between productivity, prosody, and semantics in non-accent languages, SLE 2015, 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics, 2-5th September 2015- Presentation

Mapping intonational cues onto lexical tones. LSSA/SAALA/SAALT, North-West University, Potchefstroom, 24-26th June 2015- Presentation

How far can a tone spread? On mutually-feeding iterativity. 23rd Manchester Phonology Meeting, 28-30th May 2015- Presentation

Can GP count? On ternary spreading domains. GPRT 2015, University of Vienna, 2nd May 2015.- Presentation

The mental representation of ternary spreading: How are derived tones processed? 12th Old World Conference in Phonology, Barcelona, 27-30th January 2015.- Presentation

Was there a super High tone in Bemba P3? CALL, 30th August 2nd September 2015- Presentation


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Other (1)

(2011).Continuum Companion to Phonology,Continuum

Grants and funding


Tonal Change in the Evolution of a Tense System

The British Academy

A preliminary documentation of Siluyana: comparing Mbowe and Mwenyi

The Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP)


African Linguistics Special 6th World Congress

The British Academy

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