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Dr Megan Klabunde

Department of Psychology
Dr Megan Klabunde



Dr. Klabunde is a developmental neuroscientist that examines typical neurodevelopment and the development of psychopathology in children and adolescents. Her research examines the how one senses their body cues (interoception) and its role in emotion processing, empathy and the development of psychiatric symptoms. Additionally, Dr. Klabunde studies early life social interactions -specifically parent-child empathetic interactions/attachment- on interoceptive and psychopathology development. To conduct her research, she uses functional Near Infrared Spectrosophy (fNIRS), functional and structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI and sMRI), physiological monitoring equipment, eye tracking and behavioural tasks.


  • PhD Psychology Alliant International Unviersity, (2011)

  • Post-Doctoral Research Scholar- Applied Developmental Neuroscience Stanford University School of Medicine, (2016)

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow Stanford University School of Medicine, (2012)


Other academic

  • Lecturer, University of Essex (1/1/2019 - present)

  • Instructor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine (1/4/2016 - 1/2/2018)

Research and professional activities

Research interests


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Social Cognition

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Human Attachment

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Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Applied Psychology (PS118)

  • Brain and Behaviour (PS411)

  • Positive Psychology: The Science of Well-Being (PS510)

  • Advanced Brain and Behaviour (PS943)

  • Research Experience (PS944)


Journal articles (16)

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Book chapters (1)

Alexander, J., (2013). A Collaborative Approach to Eating Disorders. In: A Collaborative Approach to Eating Disorders. Routledge. 35- 52. 9780203816691

Conferences (2)

Carrion, VG., Klabunde, M., Weems, CF., Ramen, M. and Reiss, AL., (2014). Insula Measures and Emotional Cognitive Interplay in Youth with Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms: Does Gender Matter?

Oberndorfer, TA., Frank, GK., Simmons, A., Klabunde, M., Paulus, MR. and Kaye, WH., (2008). Increased insula response to sucrose stimulation in recovered bulimic women


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