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Dr Sotirios Karampampas
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  • PhD Politics University of Sheffield,

  • MA International Politics and Security Studies University of Bradford,

  • BA Political Science and Public Administration National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,


Other academic

  • Lecturer, Department of Government, University of Essex (1/10/2019 - present)

  • Research Assistant in TransSOL project, Politics, University of Sheffield (1/6/2015 - 30/6/2018)

  • Research Assistant in LIVEWHAT project, Politics, University of Sheffield (1/12/2013 - 31/12/2016)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Political Violence

Social Movements

Contentious Politics

Protest Politics

Political Sociology


Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • International Relations: Theories and Approaches (GV214)

  • State Fragility and Conflict (GV532)

  • Post-conflict State Building (GV537)

  • Theories of International Relations (GV902)

  • International Institutions and Global Governance (GV945)

  • International Environmental Politics (GV592)

  • Insurgents, Criminals and Terrorists (GV944)

  • Violent Non State Actors: Violence, Crime and Conflict (GV211)


Journal articles (12)

Karampampas, S., (2021). The historical roots of political violence: revolutionary terrorism in affluent countries. Critical Studies on Terrorism. 14 (1), 152-154

Karampampas, S., Temple, L. and Grasso, M., (2020). Violent political action during the European economic crisis: an empirical investigation of four theoretical paradigms from social movement research. Comparative European Politics. 18 (3), 420-436

Karampampas, S., (2020). Becoming a movement: identity, narrative and memory in the European global justice movement. Social Movement Studies. 19 (1), 101-102

Karampampas, S., (2020). Street citizens: protest politics and social movement activism in the age of globalization. Democratization. 27 (6), 1111-1113

Grasso, MT., Yoxon, B., Karampampas, S. and Temple, L., (2019). Relative deprivation and inequalities in social and political activism. Acta Politica. 54 (3), 398-429

Yoxon, B., Grasso, M., Karampampas, S. and Temple, L., (2019). Prejudice and relative deprivation: the effects of self-referenced individual relative deprivation on generalized prejudice in European democracies. European Societies. 21 (2), 280-302

Grasso, M., Karampampas, S., Temple, L. and Yoxon, B., (2019). Deprivation, class and crisis in Europe: a comparative analysis. European Societies. 21 (2), 190-213

Karampampas, S., (2017). Radicals, revolutionaries, and terrorists. Social Movement Studies. 16 (6), 757-758

Karampampas, S., (2016). Giugni, M. and Grasso, M. T. (ed.) Austerity and Protest: Popular Contention in Times of CrisisRoutledge2015 288 pp. £65.00 (hardback). The British Journal of Sociology. 67 (4), 768-769

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Temple, L., Grasso, MT., Buraczynska, B., Karampampas, S. and English, P., (2016). Neoliberal Narrative in Times of Economic Crisis: A Political Claims Analysis of the U.K. Press, 2007-14. Politics and Policy. 44 (3), 553-576

Karampampas, S., (2014). Inside Greek terrorism. Southeast European and Black Sea Studies. 14 (3), 464-468

Book chapters (2)

Karampampas, S. and Tsaknis, D., (2022). Greco-Russian Relations: The Two Faces of ‘Janus’. In: The Future of Europe. Springer International Publishing. 47- 49. 9783030956479

Karampampas, S., (2017). The radical left movement, revolutionary groups, and Syriza. In: Radical Left Movements in Europe. Routledge. 173- 192



Colchester Campus

Academic support hours:

Tuesday 11:00-13:00; Office hours for Capstone project: Monday & Wednesday 11:00-14:00

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