Malte Jauch

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Government
Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Government
 Malte Jauch



  • MA in Political Science and Public Administration University of Konstanz (2017)

  • MA in Political Philosophy Pompeu Fabra University (2015)

  • BA in Political Science and Public Administration University of Konstanz (2014)

Research and professional activities


Justice for Grasshoppers

In my thesis I engage with normative questions relating to the regulation of working time. More specifically, I explore three arguments that potentially justify legislation aimed at reducing average working time in western societies. Recent contributions in the field of justice at the workplace have mainly focused on: a) The regulation of the quality of work (Are state efforts to make meaningful work more widely available morally permissible?), b) The control over work (Should states aim at democratising the workplace and or the ownership of productive means?) and c) The pay for work: (What kinds of productive activities should be paid? Are citizens entitled to a Universal Basic Income?) However, much less attention has been paid to questions pertaining to the regulation of the quantity of work – that is to say to the question how many hours we should work. The aim of my thesis is to fill this gap.

Supervisor: Tom Parr , Paul Bou-Habib



5A.214, Colchester Campus