Mona (Zahra) Jamshidi Nasab

Postgraduate Research Student
Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies
 Mona (Zahra) Jamshidi Nasab


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  • Objects Relations Theory, Immigration, Cultural Objects, Group Dynamic and Analysis


I am a PhD student in Psychoanalytic Studies within the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies at Essex University. I embarked on my full-time PhD journey in October 2023. My fascination with psychoanalysis dates back to my junior years in clinical psychology. Over the past decade, I have been actively engaged as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. The intersection of my clinical experiences and the evolving social landscape in my homeland, Iran, has kindled a profound curiosity about immigration, emerging as a pivotal and urgent concern within Iranian society. Consequently, I am driven to explore the role of tangible and intangible cultural elements in the integration process of Iranian immigrants into new cultural contexts. In my research, I employ a relational theoretical framework, drawing inspiration from the works of Klein and Winnicott. This approach enables a nuanced examination of the psychoanalytic dimensions inherent in the immigrant integration process, shedding light on the intricate interplay between individuals and their cultural surroundings. My scholarly pursuits aim to contribute valuable insights to the discourse on immigration, cultural adaptation, and psychoanalytic theory. Following my interests, I work voluntarily with the Iranian Association in London and run workshops related to cultural identity. Also, I'm honoured that I've become a Rep for PhD students in the PPS department. I'm keen on collaborating with fellow researchers to exchange ideas and broaden our perspectives. If you have similar interests, let's connect for potential collaborations.


  • BA in Clinical Psychology Shahid Beheshti University (Iran) (2010)

  • MA in Clinical Psychology University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciencs (Iran) (2014)

Research and professional activities


Immigrants's Cultural Objects; Transition or Suspension

This research project investigates the role of cultural objects in immigrant's integration into the new culture. These cultural objects could be materials ( handicrafts, souvenirs) or immaterial ( art, music, literature) which might operate as a transitional object in the Winnicottian sense to facilitate the process of integration into the new culture or not.

Supervisor: Emilia Halton-Hernandez , Zibiah Loakthar

Research interests

Development of psychoanlytic perspective in different social context



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