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I completed my PhD at the University of Cambridge, and then worked at University College London and at the University of Exeter. I joined the University of Essex as a Lecturer in 2020. Broadly, I am interested in how humans and other animals perceive the world and how they use this information to make decisions.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Visual search

Open to supervise

Visual camouflage and mimicry

Open to supervise

Cognitive modelling

Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Cognitive Psychology and Economics (EC956)

  • Discovering Psychology: The Science Behind Human Behaviour (PS111)

  • Preparing for University Psychology (PS116)

  • Seeing and Hearing (PS414)

  • Memory Attention and Language (PS415)

  • Advanced Seeing and Hearing (PS921)

  • Advanced Statistics for Research (PS947)


Journal articles (16)

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Conferences (1)

Clarke, ADF. and Hughes, AE., (2021). A Generative Model of Target Switching Behaviour in Visual Foraging

Reports and Papers (1)

Clarke, ADF., Hunt, AR. and Hughes, A., Foraging as sampling without replacement: a Bayesian statistical model for estimating biases in target selection

Grants and funding


Developing a collaborative framework for naturalistic visual search

British Academy

Conspecific brood parasitism in an altricial passerine: physiological conditionals, behavioural adaptations and fitness consequences

Czech Academy of Sciences

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