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Research and professional activities

Research interests

Gender and Sexuality

Open to supervise

Economic and Feminist Anthropology (and Sociology)

Open to supervise


Open to supervise

Human Rights

Open to supervise

Medical Anthropology

Open to supervise

South Asia

Open to supervise

Conferences and presentations

Rethinking Feminist Political Economy: Global Assembly Lines, Transformative Politics and Economic justice in South Asia

Invited presentation, Inaugural lecture- Sustainable Development Lecture Series, Oslo, Norway, 26/3/2020

Ramayana, Gender Ideals and India's Daughters

Invited presentation, Forsyth Tech Community College, USA, Public talk, 25/11/2019

Dowries in Practice: Divergent Realities of Global Production in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India

Invited presentation, Public lecture, 31/10/2019

Conning Their Way To Justice: Marginalized Actors within Sri Lanka’s Global Production Responding to Neoliberal Development

Annual Conference on South Asia, Annual Conference on South Asia, Madison, United States, 18/10/2019

Global Garment Industry in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Lecture-Bangladesh Industrial Workers Federation., Dhaka, 3/8/2019

Corporate Social Responsibility policies and Modern Slavery Act.

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Public lecture, Melbourne, Australia, 7/5/2019

Archeology of Transitional Justice in Sri Lanka.

Invited presentation, Discussion panel- South Asia Section. Foreign Ministry of Norway., Oslo, Norway, 27/3/2019

IPSA-International Political Science Association World Congress

Invited presentation, Discussant- Panel on Beyond Borders: Intrastate and Interstate Socio-Political Movements in South Asia, IPSA-International Political Science Association World Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 25/7/2018

Global Assembly Lines and Human Rights.

Public lecture, Miri, Malaysia, 8/5/2018

Human Rights and Global Assembly Lines

Invited presentation, A lecture, Curtin University, Miri, Malaysia, 7/5/2018

Unutterable Desires- the book

Invited presentation, American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting- invited round table to discuss my new ethnography, American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., United States, 2/12/2017

Sri Lanka's Global Factory Workers: (Un) Disciplined Desires and Sexual Struggles in a Post Colonial Society

American Anthropological Association Meetings 2017, Washington D.C., United States, 1/12/2017

Man-power Workers of Sri Lanka: Labor recruiters and Precarity.

Invited presentation, Public lecture, Duke University and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Durham, United States, 24/8/2017

From Global Factory Workers to Local Entrepreneurs: Former Global Factory Workers Manipulating Capital in Sri Lanka’s Villages.

Invited presentation, Moscow, Russia, 26/6/2017

Servants of Neoliberalism?: Former Global Factory Workers Manipulating Capital in Sri Lanka’s Villages. University of Kentucky. April 2017.

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Key note speaker-South Asia Week, Lexington, United States, 13/4/2017

Unutterable Desires: Subversive Sexualities and Undisciplined Daughters in Sri Lanka. , Sri Lanka. July 2016.

Invited presentation, Public lecture, International Center for Ethnic Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 13/7/2016

Don't Kill Our Dowries: Gender, Empowerment and Politics of Location

European Association for South Asian Studies (EASAS) Annual Meetings, European Association for South Asian Studies (EASAS) Annual Meetings, Warsaw, Poland, 22/6/2016

Migration, Stigma and Empowerment: Former Global Factory Workers Negotiating New Identities in Sri Lanka’s Villages.

Panel presentation, Migration and Gender, Barcelona, Spain, 15/7/2015

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Power and Agency in a Global World (SC201)

  • Ethnographic Explorations of the City (SC210)

  • Ethnographic Research Methods (SC277)

  • Dynamics of Gender, Work and Home (SC551)

Previous supervision

Helena-Ulrike Marambio
Helena-Ulrike Marambio
Thesis title: The Potential of Legal Empowerment for Disadvantaged Groups – a Case Study of Tamil Women with Physical Disabilities in Post-War Sri Lanka
Degree subject: Human Rights
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 6/1/2021


Journal articles (20)

Hewamanne, S., (2023). Invisible bondage: Mobility and compulsion within Sri Lanka’s global assembly line production. Ethnography. 24 (1), 85-105

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Hewamanne, S., (1999). "If They Allow Us We Will Fight": Strains of Consciousness Among Women Workers in the Katunayake Free Trade Zone. Anthropology of Work Review. 19 (3), 8-13

Books (5)

Hewamanne, S. and Yadav, S., (2022). The Political Economy of Post-COVID Life and Work in the Global South: Pandemic and Precarity. Palgrave. 978-3030932275

Hewamanne, S., (2021). The Political Economy of Post-COVID Life and Work in the Global South: Pandemic and Precarity. Palgrave

Hewamanne, S., (2020). Re-Stitching Identities in Rural Sri Lanka: Neoliberalism, Gender and Politics of Contentment.. University of Pennsylvania Press. 9780812252408

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Hewamanne, S., (2011). Stitching Identities in a Free Trade Zone Gender and Politics in Sri Lanka. University of Pennsylvania Press. 0812202252. 9780812202250

Book chapters (14)

Hewamanne, S. and Ryan-Flood, R., (2023). Feminism and race in academia. In: Difficult Conversations. Routledge. 39- 49

Hewamanne, S. and Ryan-Flood, R., (2023). Feminism and race in academia: An interview with Sandya Hewamanne. In: Difficult Conversations A Feminist Dialogue. Editors: Ryan-Flood, R., Crowhurst, I. and James-Hawkins, L., . Taylor & Francis. 9780367542603

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Hewamanne, S., (2022). Wither Labor and Human Rights?: Precarious work, and informal economies in the Post-COVID-19 Global South.. In: The Political Economy of Post-COVID Life and Work in the Global South: Pandemic and Precarity.. Editors: Hewamanne, S. and Yadav, S., . Palgrave. 978-3030932275

Hewamanne, S., (2021). Global worker protests and tools of autocratization in Sri Lanka Rendering them silent. In: Routledge Handbook of Autocratization in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Editors: Widmalm, S., . Routledge. 310- 319. 9780367486747

Hewamanne, S., (2017). Health and Safety for Ten Hours Plus: Why Corporate Social Responsibility Policies are Not Successful as Envisioned.. In: Unmaking the Global Sweatshop: Health and Safety of the World’s Garment Workers. Editors: De Neve, G. and Rebecca, P., . University of Pennsylvania Press.

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Hewamanne, S., (2006). Runaway Knowledge: Trade Liberalization and Reproductive Practices among Sri Lanka’s Garment Factory Workers.. In: Trading Women’s Health and Rights?: Trade Liberalization and Reproductive Health in Developing Economies.. Editors: Braunstein, E., Grown, C. and Malhotra., A., . London: Zed. 164- 188. 978-1842777756

Reports and Papers (1)

Hewamanne, S., (2008). HIV/AIDS Vulnerability Assessment: A Comparative Study in Sri Lanka.

Media (1)

Hewamanne, S., Sri Lanka’s global factory workers: Sewing their way up the social ladder. Image

Other (1)

Hewamanne, S., (2019).Modern Slavery Act is having unintended consequences for women’s freedom in Sri Lanka. The Conversation,The Conversation

Grants and funding


Impact Global Work

University of Essex (ESRC IAA)


Rethinking 'Grassroots' Economic Justice: Measured Intervention, Feminist Political Economy Approaches and Sri Lanka's Former Global Workers

Independent Social Research Foundation

Measured Intervention for Economic Justice

University of Essex (GCRF)


Bringing Global Factory Managers to the Table

University of Essex (GCRF)

Improving Occupational Health for Gender Justice and Poverty Reduction

University of Essex (GCRF)


Labor and Human Rights in Post-War Sri Lanka

University of Essex


Re-thinking Intimate Partner Violence: Soldiers and Former Free Trade Zone (FTZ) Factory Workers in Post Civil War Sri Lanka

The British Academy

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