Ej-Francis Caris-Hamer (Pronoun Ze/Zir)

Assistant Lecturer
Department of Sociology
Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Sociology
 Ej-Francis Caris-Hamer (Pronoun Ze/Zir)


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  • LGBTQIA, Gender, Queerness, Education, Feminism, Criminology, Qualitative research methods, Pedagogy.


Before embarking on my PhD studies in 2019, I qualified as a teacher in 2003, teaching mainly sociology and psychology. I have a keen interest in LGBTQIA studies, Queerness including queer theory, Gender, Feminism, Education (especially Relationships and Sex Education, Inclusion, PSHE, and pedagogy), Criminology, and Methodology (especially qualitative data). My PhD thesis focuses upon the 'Barriers to Queer Inclusion within the 11-19 Education Sector'. I currently work as an AL both at The University of Essex (Department of Sociology) and Manchester Metropolitan University (Education Faculty - PGCE). Books Published: EJ-Francis Caris-Hamer (2022) 'Beyond Binary Boxes: Challenging the Status Quo'. In Wilson, H & Kara, B. (ed) Diverse Educators: A Manifesto. University of Birmingham Press: Birmingham. Blogs: 2022 - 'Conversion Therapy is a Safeguarding Issue for Educators'. Grants: 2022 - YUFE D&I Grant - Project Title: Running At Walls: Consent through Creativity.


  • PGCE (14-19) Institute of Education: University of London (2003)

  • Middle Leaders Development Programme National College of School Leadership (2012)

  • MA: Sociological Research Methods University of Essex (2019)

  • CADENZA: D2 University of Essex (2020)



Colchester Campus

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Office Hrs: Please email me to arrange a time (email: RM 6.339A