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Dr Christopher Green
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Chris is the Director of Education in the School of Health and Social Care (HSC) leading a range initiatives to design and deliver the ambitious HSC Education Strategy. He is also Programme Director for the MSc in Medical and Clinical Education (MaCE). This curriculum is underpinned by critical pedagogy and designed for current and future leaders in health professions education. Chris undertakes and supports systematic reviews of health professions education. Chris is Associate Editor for the Journal of Interprofessional Care and is external consultant to the PROFRES Research School (Norway). Prospective PhD students with an interest in health professions education, critical pedagogies, critical service evaluation, interprofessional education and workforce development are encouraged to apply.


  • Ph.D. Nursing Studies University of Essex,

  • M.Sc. Adult Nursing University of Essex,

  • PG.Dip. Medical and Clinical Education University of Essex,


University of Essex

  • Director of Education, HSC, University of Essex (1/9/2020 - present)

  • Programme Lead for MSc Medical and Clinical Education (MaCE), University of Essex (1/9/2015 - present)

  • Senior Lecturer, University of Essex (1/10/2016 - present)

  • Director of Placements and Employability, University of Essex (1/8/2016 - 31/8/2020)

  • Programme Lead for Mentorship Preparation, University of Essex (1/9/2012 - 31/8/2017)

  • Lead for Interprofessional Learning, University of Essex (1/9/2014 - 31/8/2016)

  • Lecturer, University of Essex (1/10/2010 - 30/9/2016)

  • Fixed-term Teacher, University of Essex (1/10/2007 - 30/9/2010)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Critical evidence synthesis in health professions education

Open to supervise

Interprofessional education and collaborative person-centred practice

Open to supervise

The contribution of theory and pedagogy to health professions education

Open to supervise

Critical and post-structuralist perspectives on health professions education discourse

Open to supervise

Innovative and critical pedagogies in curriculum design

Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Learning, Teaching and Assessment (HS950)

  • Learning Organisations and Quality Enhancement (HS951)

  • Course Design and Development (HS952)

  • Critical Appraisal and Research Skills for Dental Practice (HS734)

Previous supervision

Hannah Elizabeth Kendrick
Hannah Elizabeth Kendrick
Thesis title: Integrated Care Policy Implementation in England: A Case Study of a Community Based Integrated Care Service
Degree subject: Health and Organisational Research
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 13/12/2021
Susan Carolyn Rutter
Susan Carolyn Rutter
Thesis title: Not Just a Slap on the Wrist: A Thematic Analysis of Suspects' Decision-Making in Accepting and Subsequently Challenging a Simple Caution for Adult Offenders.
Degree subject: Clinical Psychology
Degree type: Professional Doctorate
Awarded date: 20/12/2018
Geraldine Marie Holloway
Geraldine Marie Holloway
Thesis title: Maternal Filicide: Grounded Theorising From Interviews with Mothers with a Diagnosis of Mental Illness
Degree subject: Applied Psychology
Degree type: Professional Doctorate
Awarded date: 7/10/2016
Martha Kingswood
Martha Kingswood
Thesis title: Exploring with Nhs Staff the Impact of Organisational Change
Degree subject: Clinical Psychology
Degree type: Professional Doctorate
Awarded date: 13/2/2014


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Book chapters (3)

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