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Dr Nikhil Gokani is Lecturer in Consumer Protection and Public Health Law at the University of Essex. His research explores how we can tackle the risk factors associated with non-communicable diseases (particularly unhealthy diets, excessive alcohol consumption and air pollution) and the associated health inequalities through legal mechanisms. Nikhil’s work brings together public health and national, EU and international law, with a focus on consumer protection, trade and human rights law. Nikhil's primary expertise is in the regulation of food and alcohol information, particularly front-of-pack nutrition labelling and alcohol labelling (also the topic of his doctoral thesis). Nikhil is a regular presenter at national and international conferences and has published widely in both peer-reviewed journals and non-academic publications. Nikhil regularly works with governments, non-governmental organisations and other institutions at national and international levels as part of his advisory and consultancy work (such as WHO, UNICEF, UK Public Health Network). He has received funding from prestigious organisations (including the Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust). Before moving to Essex, Nikhil worked at the University of Liverpool, where he was Deputy Director of the Law & Non-Communicable Diseases Unit, and he now sits on its Advisory Board. He is Chair of the Alcohol Labelling and Health Warning International Expert Group at the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare), and a full member of the WHO Europe Technical Advisory Group on Alcohol Labelling. He is also Vice President of the Law and Public Health Section of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA). Nikhil is or has been a member of several national committees on health policy. This has included three committees at the Royal College of Physicians (including its Working Party on Air Pollution), two committees at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) (including its Appeal Panel), the National Institute for Health Research, and most recently to the Secretary of State for Transport's Honorary Medical Advisory Panel (by ministerial appointment). Nikhil is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health At Essex, Nikhil is Convener of the Health and Medical Humanities Hub and Co-ordinator of the Business Law Cluster. He is lecturer and module director for Contract Law, and lectures Consumer Law and Commercial Law. He also lectures on Commercial Determinants of Health in the School of Health and Social Care. In 2022/23, he will launch a postgraduate module on 'Law and the Commercial Determinants of Health'.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Public Health Law

Consumer Protection

Food, Nutrition and Alcohol Labelling

Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention

Health Inequalities

Human Rights

Food, Tobacco, Alcohol, Physical Activity, Air Pollution

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Contract Law (LW101)

  • Public Law (LW103)

  • Career Development Learning Part 1 (LW111)

  • Commercial Contract Law (LW242)

  • Academic Skills in International Law (LW949)


Journal articles (11)

Gokani, N., (2024). Booze, Bottles and Brussels: Member States’ Dilemma on Alcohol Health Warnings. Journal of European Consumer and Market Law. 13 (2), 97-102

Gokani, N. and Grosso, G., (2024). An appetite for change: shaping consumer choices through food labelling amidst global challenges. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition. 75 (2), 119-121

Gokani, N., (2024). Healthier Food Choices From Consumer Information to Consumer Empowerment in EU Law. Journal of Consumer Policy

Gokani, N. and Garde, A., (2023). Front-of-pack nutrition labelling: time for the EU to adopt a harmonized scheme. European Journal of Public Health. 33 (5), 751-752

Gokani, N., Garde, A., Philpott, M., Ireland, R., Owens, R. and Boyland, E., (2022). UK Nutrition Research Partnership ‘Hot Topic’ workshop report: A ‘game changer’ for dietary health – addressing the implications of sport sponsorship by food businesses through an innovative interdisciplinary collaboration. Nutrition Bulletin. 47 (1), 115-122

Gokani, N., (2022). Front-of-pack nutrition labelling: a tussle between EU food law and national measures. European Law Review. 47 (2), 153-174

Subramanian, S., Gokani, N. and Aneja, K., (2022). Right to Commercial Speech in India: Construing Constitutional Provisions Harmoniously in Favor of Public Health. The Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics. 50 (2), 284-290

Peonides, M., Knoll, V., Gerstner, N., Heiss, R., Frischhut, M. and Gokani, N., (2022). Food Labeling in the European Union: A Review of Existing Approaches. International Journal of Health Governance. 27 (4), 460-468

Gokani, N., (2018). Regulation for health inequalities and non-communicable diseases: In want of (effective) behavioural insights. European Law Journal. 24 (6), 490-509

Garde, A., Gokani, N. and Friant-Perrot, M., (2018). Children’s Rights, Childhood Obesity and Health Inequalities. UNSCN News. 43, 65-65

Garde, A., Byrne, S., Gokani, N. and Murphy, B., (2017). For a Children’s Rights Approach to Obesity Prevention: The Key Role of an Effective Implementation of the WHO Recommendations. European Journal of Risk Regulation. 8 (2), 327-341

Book chapters (1)

Gokani, N. and Friant-Perrot, M., (2020). Human Rights, Childhood Obesity and Health Inequalities. In: Ending Childhood Obesity - A Challenge at the Crossroads of International Economic and Human Rights Law. Editors: Garde, A., de Schutter, O. and Curtis, J., . Edward Elgar. 978 1 78811 401 1

Reports and Papers (2)

Garde, A., Byrne, S., Gokani, N. and Murphy, B., (2018). A Child Rights-Based Approach to Food Marketing A Guide for Policy Makers

Royal College of Physicians, (2016). Every Breath We Take: The Lifelong Impact of Air Pollution

Grants and funding


SRHR futures: Scoping review & Technical report of how commercial determinants drive information, decision-making and accountability for sexual and reproductive health and rights.

World Health Organisation


A "game changer" for dietary health: Driving interdisciplinary innovation to tackle sports sponsorship by food and beverage companies.

Medical Research Council

Support to Eurocare on the legal position of alcohol labelling in the EU and Member States



Developing laws on front-of-pack nutrition labelling in Uzbekistan

WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases (NCD Office)

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4SB.6.13, Colchester Campus

Academic support hours:

Out of term time, my academic support hours are by appointment - please just send me an email to arrange a meeting.

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