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Professor Jeffrey Geiger
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My background ranges from research into film and literature to professional work, particularly in film editing. After coming to Essex, I was the first director of film studies and established the Centre for Film and Screen Media. In both teaching and research, I am interested in stressing intersections between film practice, criticism, and theory. My published work has engaged with areas such as cinema history, film and literature, and cultural history, with a focus on documentary, ethnography, human geography and constructs of race and gender in US film and literature, and global and transnational cultures and identities. More recently I've been doing research into Nigerian video films and further work in Pacific studies. Books include American Documentary Film: Projecting the Nation (2011); Facing the Pacific: Polynesia and the U.S. Imperial Imagination (2007); Film Analysis: A Norton Reader (2005, with R. L. Rutsky, second expanded edition 2013); and Cinematicity in Media History (2013, with Karin Littau). The latter expands on a special issue of Comparative Critical Studies, Cinematicity (2009), based on an international conference hosted at Essex. Articles have appeared in journals such as PMLA, Third Text, African American Review, ZAA, Cinema Journal, New Formations, Film International, and The Times Literary Supplement, with chapters appearing in numerous books and encyclopaedias. Recent work includes a chapter on New Nigerian cinema in The Routledge Companion to World Cinema (Remapping World Cinemas), and one on Kodachrome and Pacific tourism in Discourses of Imperialism in the Pacific (Routledge). I supervise Ph.D. research in various areas of film and visual media, including film / media practice in critical and theoretical contexts, documentary and ethnographic film/media, US cinema, mixed media, films of and about Asia/Pacific regions.


  • BA Cornell University

  • MA University of California, Los Angeles

  • PhD University of California Los Angeles


University of Essex

  • Director of the Centre for Film and Screen Media, Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies University of Essex ( 2013 - present )

  • Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies University of Essex ( 2010 - 2013 )

Other academic

  • External Examiner, English (Film and Screen Media) University of Surrey ( 2016 - present )

  • External Examiner, Film and Screen Media (MA) Birkbeck, University of London ( 2011 - 2016 )

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Documentary film and media

Interactions between film / media practice and theory

Low-budget and amateur movies

Race and Ethnicity in US literature, film, and television

Writing and film of / about the Pacific

Nollywood and New Nigerian cinema

Current research

'Invisible' Imperialisms: US Territories in the Pacific

Aerial Cinematics and the 'World Picture'

Teaching and supervision

  • Approaches to Film and Media (LT121)

  • Hollywood Directors (LT347)

  • Independent Literature Project (LT831)

  • Independent Creative Writing Project (LT832)

  • Independent Film Project (LT833)

  • Independent Project in Film Studies (LT834)

  • Documentary and the Avant-garde: Film, Video, Digital (LT930)


Chapters (10)

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Books (4)

Geiger, J. and Rutsky, RL., (2013).Film Analysis: A Norton Reader (Second edition). W W Norton. 9780393923247

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Journals (10)

Geiger, J., (2012). Nollywood Style: Nigerian movies and 'shifting perceptions of worth'. Film International. 10 (6)

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Thesis dissertation (1)

Geiger, JA., America's White Shadows: Modernist Ethnography and the South Pacific

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5NW.5.11, Colchester Campus

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