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My interest in history goes a long way back and stems from curiosity. It began with curiosity about different cultures and religions. This rapidly led to a curiosity about the origins and developments of these cultures and beliefs. I decided to teach history, which I did in the US equivalent of a sixth-form college. I then decided to go more deeply into history, obtained a PhD and then taught history at an academic level.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Medieval and Early Modern Martyrdom

Perceptions of the Middle Ages in the Early Modern Period

Early Modern Historical Writing

Demonic Possession and Exorcism

Early Modern Colchester

Film and History

English Reformation

Current research

Preparing an abridged edition of John Foxe's Book of Martyrs for Penguin Books.

Preparing an edition of manuscript letters of English Protestant martyrs, 1555-1558

Investigating borrowings and shared research between sixteenth century Lutheran and English historians

Reformation perceptions of the Middle Ages

Teaching and supervision

  • Modern Revolutions in Science, Politics, and Culture (CS101)

  • The Making of the Modern World since 1750 (HR100)

  • Europe Transformed: 1450-1750 (HR111)

  • Approaches to History (HR211)

  • Choosing Your Past: How to Design and Manage a Research Project (HR231)

  • The Tudors and Stuarts on Film (HR370)

  • Research Project (HR831)

  • The Public History Workshop (HR921)

  • A Global History of Food, c.1400 - c.1750 (HR925)


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Books (4)

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