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Dr Claire Delle Luche
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  • PhD in Cognitive Science, specialisation in Linguistics Universite Lumiere Lyon 2,


University of Essex

  • Lecturer in psycholinguistics, Language and Linguistics, University of Essex (4/1/2015 - present)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Language variability: accents (children), bilingualism (children)

Open to supervise

Semantic processing (children)

Open to supervise

Speech perception (infants, children, adults)

Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Child Language Development (LG115)

  • Adult Language Development and Processing (LG116)

  • Research methods for language and linguistics (LG213)

  • Psycholinguistics (LG215)

  • Language and the Mind (LG358)

  • First Language Acquisition (LG420)

  • Phonological Development (LG421)

  • Sentence Processing (LG462)

  • Professional Development for Research Students (LG595)

  • Project: Linguistics (LG831)


Journal articles (9)

Delle Luche, C., Floccia, C., Granjon, L. and Nazzi, T., (2017). Infants' First Words are not Phonetically Specified: Own Name Recognition in British English-Learning 5-Month-Olds. Infancy. 22 (3), 362-388

Floccia, C., Keren-Portnoy, T., DePaolis, R., Duffy, H., Delle Luche, C., Durrant, S., White, L., Goslin, J. and Vihman, M., (2016). British English infants segment words only with exaggerated infant-directed speech stimuli. Cognition. 148, 1-9

Delle Luche, C., Durrant, S., Poltrock, S. and Floccia, C., (2015). A methodological investigation of the Intermodal Preferential Looking paradigm: Methods of analyses, picture selection and data rejection criteria. Infant Behavior and Development. 40, 151-172

DURRANT, SAMANTHA., DELLE LUCHE, CLAIRE., CATTANI, ALLEGRA. and FLOCCIA, CAROLINE., (2015). Monodialectal and multidialectal infants’ representation of familiar words. Journal of Child Language. 42 (02), 447-465

Delle Luche, C., Durrant, S., Floccia, C. and Plunkett, K., (2014). Implicit meaning in 18-month-old toddlers. Developmental Science. 17 (6), 948-955

Delle Luche, C., Poltrock, S., Goslin, J., New, B., Floccia, C. and Nazzi, T., (2014). Differential processing of consonants and vowels in the auditory modality: A cross-linguistic study. Journal of Memory and Language. 72, 1-15

FLOCCIA, CAROLINE., NAZZI, THIERRY., DELLE LUCHE, CLAIRE., POLTROCK, SILVANA. and GOSLIN, JEREMY., (2014). English-learning one- to two-year-olds do not show a consonant bias in word learning. Journal of Child Language. 41 (05), 1085-1114

Floccia, C., Delle Luche, C., Durrant, S., Butler, J. and Goslin, J., (2012). Parent or community: Where do 20-month-olds exposed to two accents acquire their representation of words?. Cognition. 124 (1), 95-100

Politzer, G., Van der Henst, J-B., Delle Luche, C. and Noveck, IA., (2006). The Interpretation of Classically Quantified Sentences: A Set-Theoretic Approach. Cognitive Science. 30 (4), 691-723

Books (1)

Floccia, C., Sambrook, TD., Delle Luche, CH., Kwok, R., Goslin, J., White, L., Cattani, A., Sullivan, E., Abbot-Smith, K., Krott, A., Mills, DL., Rowland, CF., Gervain, J. and Plunkett, K., Vocabulary of 2-year-olds learning English and an additional language: Norms and effects of linguistic distance. Wiley. 978-1-119-50789-5

Conferences (1)

White, L., Luche, CD. and Floccia, C., (2016). Five-month-old infants’ discrimination of unfamiliar languages does not accord with “rhythm class”

Grants and funding


How does phonological distance impact the early bilingual lexicon

The British Academy

Phonological representations of regional accents in the child�s lexicon

Experimental Psychology Society

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4.313, Colchester Campus

Academic support hours:

During the autumn term, my office hours are on Wednesdays, between 10 and 11am and between 1 and 2pm. It is best to email me to ensure a time slot for you (