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Dr Maitrayee Deka
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Before joining Essex, I did my PhD from the Graduate School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Milan and have spent two years as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Milan, working on the research project P2PValue, funded by the European Commission's FP7 program. My research is in the area of Economic Sociology, STS, Consumer Cultures and Social Theory. I am interested in looking at alternative systems to global capitalism to frame them as a distinct analytical and political category. Part of this interest emerges from examining global bazaar economies as a popular economic system based on my ethnography in Delhi's Electronic Bazaars and developed as a monograph, Traders and Tinkers: Bazaars in the Global Economy, published with Stanford University Press. I am currently researching the Whitechapel market in East London to investigate bazaars as intellectual places drawing from the literature on public space, and Autonomist Marxism. The other strand of my research focuses on marginal cultural spaces, particularly young adults' social media use in the Global South, to see how they engage with global platforms in unique ways. Overall, I am interested in building a more embedded social theory through observations and practices often ignored in the dominant academic framework.


  • MPhil (Sociology) Delhi School of Economics

  • PhD (Sociology), Graduate School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Milan.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Economic Sociology

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Consumer Culture

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New Media

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Social Theory

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Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Digital Society (SC224)

  • Rethinking Modernity (SC301)

  • Digital Economy (SC508)

  • Quantitative Research Project (SC830)

  • Research Project: Sociology (SC831)

  • Research Project: Anthropology (SC832)

  • Topics in Contemporary Social Theory (SC901)

  • Career Development and Making a Difference (SC199)


Journal articles (8)

Deka, M. and Arvidsson, A., (2022). “Names doing rounds”: On brands in the bazaar economy. Journal of Consumer Culture. 22 (2), 495-514

Deka, M., (2022). For a Sociology of India - III: Three years into the pandemic: What changed in Delhi’s electronic bazaars. Contributions to Indian Sociology. 56 (1), 88-93

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Deka, M., (2021). A Note on Bazaar Consumer Collectives. Journal of the Association for Consumer Research. 6 (4), 509-514

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Deka, M., (2017). Street level tinkering in the times of 'Make in India'. Ephemera : Theory and Politics in Organization. 17 (4), 801-807

Books (1)

Deka, M., (2023). Traders and Tinkers: Bazaars in the Global Economy. Stanford University Press. 1503636003. 9781503635333

Book chapters (1)

Deka, M., (2021). Postcolonial Peer Production. In: The Handbook of Peer Production. Editors: O'Neil, M., Pentzold, C. and Toupin, S., . Wiley-Blackwell. 322- 333. 978-1-119-53710-6

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