Dr Marcia Christina Ferreira

Senior Lecturer
EBS - Management and Marketing
Dr Marcia Christina Ferreira



Marcia Christina Ferreira is a Senior Lecturer in Digital and Social Media Marketing at The University of Essex. She has a PhD in management from the University of London's Royal Holloway. Her research interests lie at the intersection of creativity, materiality, and media technologies, following a research agenda that explores social, material, and digital contexts of consumption, calling into question consumers’ roles in shaping contemporary market forms and practices. Christina’s work has been published in leading international journals, handbooks, and book collections, as well as presented at prestigious academic conferences. She had several years of industry experience in marketing communications prior to entering academia, working for multinationals and local companies in South America. Christina is also a founding member of The Scrutinizers, a peer-learning group formed by international academics dispersed across five continents. The group recently published their research on academic isolation in a world-leading journal and is currently delivering professional development workshops to help early-career researchers overcome integration barriers in their research field.


University of Essex

  • Senior Lecture, Essex Business School, University of Essex (16/1/2023 - present)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Operations and Supply Chain Management (BE488)


Journal articles (4)

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Books (1)

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Book chapters (4)

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