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I work in the field of sociolinguistics. My research interests include language variation and change, language attitudes and ideologies, perceptual dialectology, and social meaning. My work focusses specifically on the accents spoken in South East England. For instance, I have researched the influence of the Cockney accent in Essex. I have also worked on accent bias in South East England and how this relates to social factors such as social class and gender. I am also interested in policy and media engagement in relation to language in society. I am open to supervising students in the fields of sociolinguistics, sociophonetics, language attitudes and ideologies, sociophonetics.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Language Attitudes

Open to supervise


Open to supervise

Language Variation and Change

Open to supervise


Open to supervise

Conferences and presentations

Accent the Positive: An investigation into children's implicit attitudes towards different regional accents

New Ways of Analyzing Variation 50 (NWAV50) conference, Stanford, United States, 15/10/2022

Exploring the role of face-to-face and online interactions in rates of accent change for university students during the COVID-19 pandemic

Language Variation and Change in the South of England, Univesity of Suffolk, Ipswich, UK, 22/4/2022

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Sociolinguistics (LG218)

  • English Language in the media (LG222)

  • English Around the World (LG355)

  • Professional Development for Research Students (LG595)

  • History and Variation of English (LG653)

Previous supervision

Calum Mcgee
Calum Mcgee
Degree subject: Linguistics
Degree type: Master of Research
Awarded date: 5/10/2022


Journal articles (7)

Cole, A., The search for linguistically coherent accents: Unsupervised clustering of diphthong variation in Southeast England. English World-Wide: a journal of varieties of English

Cole, A. and Tieken-Boon van Ostade, I., (2022). Haagse Harry, a Dutch chav from The Hague? The enregisterment of similar social personas in different speech communities. International Journal of Language and Culture. 9 (1), 72-96

Cole, A., (2022). Cockney moved East: the dialect of the first generation of East Londoners raised in Essex. Dialectologia et Geolinguistica. 30 (1), 91-114

Cole, A. and Evans, BG., (2021). Phonetic variation and change in the Cockney Diaspora: The role of place, gender, and identity. Language in Society. Online (5), 641-665

Cole, A., (2021). Disambiguating language attitudes held towards socio-demographic groups and geographic areas in South East England. Journal of Linguistic Geography. 9 (1), 13-27

Cole, A. and Strycharczuk, P., (2021). Dialect levelling and Cockney diphthong shift reversal in South East England: the case of the Debden Estate. English Language and Linguistics. 26 (4), 621-643

Cole, A., (2020). Co-variation and social meaning: the implicational relationship between (H) and (ING) in Debden, Essex. Language Variation and Change. 32 (3), 349-371

Conferences (3)

Cole, A., Identifications of Speaker Ethnicity in South-East England: Multicultural London English as a Divisible Perceptual Variety

Cole, A., Crowdsourced Participants’ Accuracy at Identifying the Social Class of Speakers from South East England

Cole, A. and Strycharczuk, P., (2019). The PRICE-MOUTH crossover in the "Cockney diaspora"

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