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Dr Jennifer Yee-Shan Chang



Jennifer Yee-Shan Chang is a Lecturer at Edge Hotel School. Her research focuses on technology applications in hospitality and tourism, tourist experiences, sustainability and tourism marketing. Her papers have been published in Technological Forecasting and Social Change, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Tourism Management Perspectives, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, and others.

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Research Methods (EG703)

  • Contemporary Issues in the International Hospitality Industry (EG700)


Journal articles (7)

Lim, X-J., Chang, JY-S., Cheah, J-H., Lim, WM., Kraus, S. and Dabić, M., (2024). Out of the way, human! Understanding post-adoption of last-mile delivery robots. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 201, 123242-123242

Chang, JY-S., Konar, R., Cheah, J-H. and Lim, X-J., (2023). Does privacy still matter in smart technology experience? A conditional mediation analysis. Journal of Marketing Analytics. 12 (1), 71-86

Azali, M., Kamal Basha, N., Chang, Y-S., Lim, X-J. and Cheah, J-H., (2023). Why Not Travel to Malaysia? Variations in Inbound Tourists’ Perceptions toward Halal-Friendly Destination Attributes. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research. 47 (1), 177-206

Low, MP., Cham, T-H., Chang, Y-S. and Lim, X-J., (2023). Advancing on weighted PLS-SEM in examining the trust-based recommendation system in pioneering product promotion effectiveness. Quality & Quantity. 57 (S4), 607-636

Chang, JY-S., Cheah, J-H., Lim, X-J. and Morrison, AM., (2023). One pie, many recipes: The role of artificial intelligence chatbots in influencing Malaysian solo traveler purchase intentions. Tourism Management Perspectives. 49, 101191-101191

Chang, Y-S., Cheah, J-H., Lim, X-J., Morrison, AM. and Kennell, JS., (2022). Are unmanned smart hotels du jour or are they here forever? Experiential pathway analysis of antecedents of satisfaction and loyalty. International Journal of Hospitality Management. 104, 103249-103249

Chang, Y-S., Lim, X-J. and Cheah, J-H., (2021). Today's wastage is tomorrow's shortage: a systematic literature review on food waste from social responsibility perspective. British Food Journal. 123 (9), 3172-3191

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Exploring Adoption of Generative Artificial Intelligence and its Transformative Value in the Tourism and Hospitality Industries

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