Obindra Chand

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Health and Social Care
 Obindra Chand



Obindra B. Chand is currently a PhD student at the School of Health and Social Care, University of Essex. He received GEMMS scholarship for pursing his PhD. For his PhD, he will explore the intersections of the migration, gender-based violence, and mental health in precarious situations and border crossings with focus on China and Myanmar. Prior to joining for his PhD at Essex, he has been involved in conducting research in the wider field of health and social sciences, including global health, medical anthropology, disability studies, mental health and wellbeing, health systems research and philosophy of research primarily using ethnographic, qualitative, and participatory, mixed methods and innovative approaches of co-design and community engagement. An anthropologist by training, his research interests include the fields of global health, medical anthropology, equitable and inclusive health systems and services, disability studies, humanitarian crisis, implementation and access of health care services and facilities for diverse marginalized and vulnerable groups and populations including people with disabilities, migrant workers, pregnant women, and their mental health, and psychosocial issues in cross-cultural and low resource settings, social determinants of health, health equity and justice, social suffering and innovative techniques and methods of research, philosophy of science and research as well as intersections of vulnerabilities and inequities and contextually tailored interventions and evidence based policy, planning, interventions, programs among others. He was a fellow of Migration and Health in South Asia (Misha) in 2019. He also was Social Sciences in Humanitarian Action Platform (SSHAP) Fellow-2022 and International Peoples Health University (IPHU) Fellow-2022. He has authored and co-authored several publications in his area of interests. Most recent publications include: Obindra B. Chand, Katie Moore, Stephen Thompson. (2023). Key Considerations: Disability-Inclusive Humanitarian Action and Emergency Response in South and Southeast Asia and Beyond.



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