Dr Hugo Carriera Gomes Senra

Honorary Lecturer
School of Health and Social Care
Dr Hugo Carriera Gomes Senra



I am a clinical psychologist and researcher with a background in adult mental health, psychotherapy, and long-term medical conditions. I obtained my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in Portugal where I worked as clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and researcher. Since then, most of my postdoctoral work has focussed on common mental health problems (depression and anxiety) in adults and elderly with chronic medical conditions, particularly irreversible vision loss. I have done multidisciplinary clinical research in the context of NHS services, previously at Central Manchester University Hospitals. Other research interests include: depression and anxiety in adulthood; psychotherapeutic outcomes; and eating disorders.


  • BSc. Applied Psychology (5-year) ISPA-IU,

  • MSc. Developmental Psychology University of Santiago de Compostela,

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology ISPA-IU,

Research and professional activities

Conferences and presentations

Psychological implications of vision loss in adult patients - implications for clinical practice in ophthalmology settings

Invited presentation, Symposium on Imaging and Vision Disorders, Symposium on Imaging and Vision Disorders, London, United Kingdom, 24/6/2019

Psychological Interventions for Patients with Chronic Medical Conditions

Invited presentation, EURETINA (European Retina, Macula and Vitreous Society), EURETINA (European Retina, Macula and Vitreous Society), Vienna, Austria, 19/9/2018

Teaching and supervision

Previous supervision

Chloe Savage
Chloe Savage
Thesis title: “When You Finish Work, You Go Home Worrying About Those Children” – the Experience of Primary School Teaching Staff of Supporting Children with Their Mental Health: A Thematic Analysis
Degree subject: Clinical Psychology (D Clin Psych)
Degree type: Professional Doctorate
Awarded date: 24/3/2023
Lilla Venusz Asztalos
Lilla Venusz Asztalos
Thesis title: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Ineffective Modes of Mentalisation and Difficulties Related to Borderline Personality Disorder: A Network Approach
Degree subject: Clinical Psychology (D Clin Psych)
Degree type: Professional Doctorate
Awarded date: 16/3/2023
Leah Marysia Francis
Leah Marysia Francis
Thesis title: The Psychological Wellbeing of Children in the Families Affected By the Welfare Reform Universal Credit
Degree subject: Clinical Psychology (D Clin Psych)
Degree type: Professional Doctorate
Awarded date: 16/11/2022
Ilaria Tercelli
Ilaria Tercelli
Thesis title: Experiences of Working-Age Adults with Depression of Psychodynamic Couple Therapy: A Thematic Analysis Using a Phenomenological Approach
Degree subject: Clinical Psychology (D Clin Psych)
Degree type: Professional Doctorate
Awarded date: 4/11/2021


Journal articles (28)

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