Henri Böschen

Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Philosophy
 Henri Böschen



I am a PhD candidate in Philosophy at the University of Essex. My PhD research focuses on German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's conception of nihilism and its relation to temporality, in particular to the experience of transience. The project is funded by the CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership. I am also an Assistant Lecturer teaching on the module 'Death, God, and the Meaning of Life' (PY113). Before beginning my PhD at Essex, I studied for a MA in Philosophy at King's College London and for a BA in International Relations and Politics at Cardiff University.


  • BSc Econ International Relations and Politics (with a Language) Cardiff University (2020)

  • MA Philosophy King's College London (2021)

Research and professional activities


For the Love of LifeNietzsche on Nihilism and Transience.

Friedrich Nietzsche concluded that the experience of transience led the West to nihilism, the existential stance for which life is meaningless. I approach the issue of transience through a phenomenological reading of his thought, arguing hat nihilism can be resisted by experiencing transience differently. I seek to explore and contribute an outline of a new existential stance proposed by Nietzsche, focusing on untimeliness and the paradoxical extension of the moment.

Supervisor: Béatrice Han-Pile

Research interests


Schelling's later philosophy.


Nietzsche's philosophy of time and nihilism.


Heidegger's philosophy of time and his later thinking more broadly.


Derrida's philosophy of mourning, memory and its relation to writing.

Post Kantian Philosophy (19th and 20th century)

Theories of Nature, Theories of the Imagination, of Memory, Nihilism, Modernity, History, Time



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