Dr Penny Beckerson

School of Life Sciences
Dr Penny Beckerson



  • PhD University of Essex, (2015)

  • BSc University of Surrey, (2011)

  • PCGE (QTS) University of Suffolk, (2016)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Biochemistry of Macromolecules (BS131)

  • Transferable Skills in Life Sciences (BS143)

  • Employability Skills for the Biosciences (BS211)

  • Metals in Biotechnology (BS228)

  • Proteins and Macromolecular Assemblies (BS230)

  • Haematology and Blood Transfusion Science (BS236)

  • Narcotics (BS329)

  • Research Project in Life Sciences (BS832)

  • Research Project in Biomedical Science (BS831)


Journal articles (3)

Beckerson, P., Svistunenko, D. and Reeder, B., (2015). Effect of the distal histidine on the peroxidatic activity of monomeric cytoglobin. F1000Research. 4, 87-87

Beckerson, P., Reeder, BJ. and Wilson, MT., (2015). Coupling of disulfide bond and distal histidine dissociation in human ferrous cytoglobin regulates ligand binding. FEBS Letters. 589 (4), 507-512

Beckerson, P., Wilson, MT., Svistunenko, DA. and Reeder, BJ., (2015). Cytoglobin ligand binding regulated by changing haem-co-ordination in response to intramolecular disulfide bond formation and lipid interaction. Biochemical Journal. 465 (1), 127-137



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