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I am a registered social worker with a twenty year background in criminal justice social work in both adult and children's services in case manager and leadership roles. My practice experience is primarily in workforce development, risk assessment and management, serious further offence reviews and practice improvement. I have been an academic since 2016, joining the University of Essex in February 2020 and successfully achieving permanency in March 2023. I acted as founding programme lead for a new Masters in Social Work centring human rights for three years and continue as Health & Social Care school-lead for Student Recruitment. My teaching across BA & MA programmes encompasses human rights and critical issues in contemporary practice. I am due to complete my doctoral research in mid 2024 which critically examines social work education admissions decision-making in England. I am research fellow on an NIHR grant funded project developing a national brain injury social work education platform. I lead on an interdisciplinary creative method of brain injury education in collaboration with a charity, theatre company, theatres and people with lived experience. I am an active member of the research community valuing local and international teaching and research collaborations in the following research areas: 1) social justice and human rights 2) social work education (admissions, curriculum design, learner experience) 3) justice social work (brain injury, maternal imprisonment, prison social work, probation).


  • Professional Doctorate in Social Care Education University of Essex,

  • PG Diploma Research Anglia Ruskin University, (2019)

  • Masters Social Work University of Glasgow, (1999)

  • BA (Hons) University of Strathclyde, (1997)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer (ASER), Social Work and Social Justice, University of Essex (3/2/2020 - present)

  • MA programme lead, University of Essex (3/2/2020 - 4/9/2023)

  • School lead for Student Recruitment, Health and Social Care, University of Essex (1/9/2020 - present)

  • Advisory Board Member, Essex Human Rights Centre, University of Essex (1/12/2023 - present)

Other academic

  • External examiner, Social Work, Kingston University (1/9/2020 - present)

  • External examiner, Social Work, Glasgow Caledonian University (1/6/2020 - present)

Research and professional activities

Current research

Social work students with criminal records

Exploring the policies, processes and practices of admissions decision-making in relation to social work students with criminal records in England

Constructing Suitability

Exploring understandings and applications of suitability as a construction in decision-making in social work admissions in England

Heads Together: Brain Injury Social Work

Review of social work education, qualifying and CPD, to develop a bespoke learning tool to improve practice and intervene earning based on knowledge and skills.

Social Work Education Admissions

Researching decision-making practice in social work admissions in England in the last two years to better understand the construction of suitability.

Social Work Education and Criminal Records

Decision-making at social work education admissions regarding applicants with criminal records

The Interdependence of Independence: A Network Map of Children’s Services

This project aimed to map out the many individual and organisational national actors in Children’s Services in England. Notwithstanding current limitations, we live in a world with high expectations of transparency and unparalleled access to information. The amount of information we are faced with can make it difficult to understand bigger pictures. This project collated over 1,000 publicly documented connections between policymakers; public, private and third sector organisations; individuals; and other actors between 7th May 2021 and the 1st November 2021, drawing them into a single network map. The network map visualisation is interactive — you can click on any actor to read a brief description of their work in Children’s Services, or on any line between actors to view details about their link.
More information about this project

Evaluation You Can Programme in Tendring

The purpose of the You Can programme is to develop and establish a range of virtual and physical interventions based on the Health Education England Health & Care Academy model. This aims to promote how different employers and providers operating in Tendring can offer multiple education and training opportunities and career paths for young people as well as adults of working age. It also aims to enable the target audiences identified by the programme to access and benefit from such opportunities in collaboration with local partners. The model initially focused on the North East Essex health and social care sectors, with the intention to then investigate and pursue options to expand the model into other sectors where there are local workforce and skills shortages (e.g. education and construction). This should form the basis of a long-term partner strategy. The overarching vision for this partnership programme is to “grow talent in Tendring”. The first cohort of the You Can programme started in March 2021, with the course being actively marketed through partner contacts, social media and other channels. The You Can programme did not evolve as originally envisaged (mainly due to the national situation arising from the COVID-19 pandemic) so the original start date was delayed and the course was delivered online, rather than face to face, with significantly lower numbers than originally anticipated. The evaluation approach was therefore changed to reflect the project needs going forwards.

Conferences and presentations

Human rights teaching in social work education: experiences and research outcomes across Europe

European Conference Social Work Research (ECSWR), Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy, 14/4/2023

Making Headway - Think Tank

Invited presentation, World Congress on Brain Injury IBIA, Dublin Conference Centre, Dublin, Ireland, 30/3/2023

Stronger Together - the fragmentation of generic social work by marketisation, lessons from criminal justice

Joint University Social Work Education Conference, Leeds, United Kingdom, 23/6/2022

Empowerment, Human Rights and the Mental Capacity Act

Invited presentation, Dr Melanie George Memorial Conference: Complex decision-making in mental capacity practice, Friends House, London, 29/4/2022

Addressing long-term challenges impacting children in care and care leavers - improving educational attainment, addressing mental health concerns, and reducing offending rates

Invited presentation, Improving support for care leavers - educational progression and employment, coordination, addressing long term challenges, and priorities for policy, Westminster Education Forum policy conference, 24/1/2022

Modernisation or Mistake?

13th International Conference on Practice Teaching and Field Education in Health and Social Work, Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning, 8/10/2021

Justice Social Work is Social Work

Invited presentation, Mothers on Trial, Green Templeton College, Oxford, United Kingdom, 5/10/2021

Criminal Records and Public Sector Professional Education: exploring the role of enhanced criminal records checks in decision-making processes at admissions to social work courses in higher education in England, as case study

Invited presentation, European Society of Criminology, European Society for Criminology, Switzerland, 10/9/2021

"This is my oasis": an evaluation of the support for social work students' wellbeing and development of professional resilience in a Teaching Partnership

Joint University Social Work Education Conference, Joint University Social Work Education Conference, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 8/7/2021

The Pearly Gates

2nd Online International Doctoral Research in Education, Centre for Educational Research, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 7/7/2021

Realising Criminal Records: Exploring the role criminal records play in decision-making about admissions to social work programmes in England

European Conference for Social Work Research 2021, Bucharest, Romania, 5/5/2021

Realising criminal records: an examination of the role of criminal records checks in social work education admissions

European Conference of Social Work Research (ECSWR), European Social Work Research Association (ESWRA), Amsterdam, Netherlands, 7/4/2021

'Sharing Innovation in Undergraduate Psychiatric Education'

Invited presentation, AUTP Annual National Conference 2020, Birmingham Conference and Events Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 14/2/2020

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Legislation, Regulation and Ethics for Practice (HS292)

  • Critical Issues in Contemporary Social Work (HS652)

  • Social Work and Human Rights (HS656)

  • Rights Based Research and Dissertation (HS657)

  • Social Work Dissertation (HS659)

  • Interpersonal Skills for Practice (HS192)

  • Introduction to Research Methodologies (HS290)

  • Law, Policy and Ethics (HS651)

  • Introduction to Sociological and Psychological Frameworks (HS190)


Journal articles (14)

Bald, C., (2023). Modernization or mistake? The impact of Covid-19 on social work course admissions in a university in England. Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning. 19 (3), 67-82

Linden, MA., Holloway, M., Cooper, C., Amadiegwu, A., Bald, C., Clark, M., Mantell, A., Norman, A. and Bateman, A., (2023). Social workers and acquired brain injury: A systematic review of the current evidence-base.. PLoS One. 18 (11), e0292128-e0292128

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Books (1)

Bald, C., (2025). The Routledge International Handbook of Criminal Justice Social Work

Book chapters (6)

Bald, C., (2024). "We are open, the door is just very heavy" - the politicization of social work education admissions decision-making in England. In: The Oxford Handbook of Power, Politics and Social Work. Editors: Baikady, R., . Oxford University Press. 978-0197650899

Bald, C. and Amadiegwu, A., (2023). Decolonisation and critical social work pedagogies. In: Social work‘s histories of complicity and resistance A Tale of Two Professions. Editors: Wyllie, A. and Ioakimidis, V., . The Bristol University Press. 244- 260. 978-1447364283

Bald, C., Tynan, RR. and Dehnavi, O., (2022). A New Emancipatory Script: gendered post-sentence discrimination and experiences of reintegration. In: The Routledge Handbook of Women's Experiences of Criminal Justice. Editors: Masson, I. and Booth, N., . Routledge International Handbooks. 487- 498. 1032064307. 9781032064307

Bald, C. and Walker, S., (2020). Covid-19 and Social Inequalities in Health in the UK. In: Covid-19, Law and Human Rights : Essex Dialogues. A Project of the School of Law and Human Rights Centre. Editors: Ferstman, C. and Fagan, A., . University of Essex. 159- 166. 978-1-5272-6632-2

Bald, C., Carter, L., Ferstman, C., Fagan, A., Gilbert, G. and Wyllie, A., (2020). The Impact on Vulnerable Populations. Vulnerability: A Discussion. In: Covid-19, Law and Human Rights : Essex Dialogues. A Project of the School of Law and Human Rights Centre. Editors: Ferstman, C. and Fagan, A., . University of Essex. 147- 148. 978-1-5272-6632-2

Bald, C., (2020). Class of 2020 Social Work and Covid-19: Relationship-based Practice in a Global Pandemic. In: Social Work and Covid-19: Relationship-based Practice in a Global Pandemic. Editors: Buzzi, P. and Megele, C., . Critical Publishing. 135- 154

Reports and Papers (2)

Bald, C., Ravalier, J., Wegrzynek, P., Albertson, D., Spicer-Manning, G., McGale, K. and McEwen, T., Is the PCF Fit for Purpose? An evaluation of the PCF

Bald, C., (2019). Post-release supervision for short-term prisoners: thematic review

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Heads Together - Understanding Acquired Brain Injury: Addressing the knowledge and skills gap in Social Work education in order to improve practice and outcomes

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