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She graduated from the University of Jordan with a BA in English and German, and went on to obtain a Diploma in German from the Goethe Institute, Munich. She subsequently obtained an MLing in Manchester, writing a dissertation on the syntax of negation in Jordanian Arabic. Her PhD at Essex (supervised by Prof. Peter Trudgill) was on phonological variation in the speech of women. She previously taught English Linguistics at Philadelphia University, Jordan, and has also taught sociolinguistics at Cambridge University and Birkbeck College.


  • BA Jordan

  • Dip Munich

  • MLing Manchester

  • PhD Essex.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Gender differentiation in language

Language maintenance/shift

Multilingualism and code-switching

Variation and change (with special interest in Modern Arabic Dialects)

Formation of New Dialects

Dialectology and dialect geography

Dialect/language contact

Conferences and presentations

AIDA Conference

Teaching and supervision

  • Varieties of English (LG453)


Chapters (10)

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Journals (3)

Al-Wer, E., Horesh, U., Herin, B. and Fanis, M., (2015). How Arabic Regional Features Become Sectarian Features Jordan as a Case Study. Zeitschrift fuer Arabische Linguistik. 62

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Books (1)

Al-Wer, E. and De Jong, R., (2008).Arabic Dialectology. Brill. 9789004172128

Grants and funding


The emerging dialect of Amman: a study in New-Dialect Formation

Leverhulme Trust

Religious Affiliation, Language Variation and National Identity in the Middle East

British Academy

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