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Dr Muhammad Akram
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Dr Akram is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) of Digital Marketing & Strategy in the department of Management & Marketing at Essex Business School, University of Essex. Additionally, he serves as the programme director of the PGT Marketing programmes (MSc Marketiing and MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics). Dr Akram mainly teaches in the areas of Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing. Dr Akram specialise in digital marketing and the application of data-driven marketing analytics approaches to marketing management and strategy. He works in emerging areas of consumer and user behaviour, including digital marketing, data and marketing analytics, and artificial intelligence. He is particularly interested in digital technologies and their impacts on consumer behaviour and marketing strategy. His teaching is driven by his research, which is centred on the interaction of marketing and management. He has published articles in the leading peer-reviewed journals, such as Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Electronic Markets, Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services, International Marketing Review, International Journal of Information Management, Information Technology & People, and Government Information Quarterly among others. Dr Akram has also served as a guest editor of a special issue for Technological Forecasting and Social Change on Social Customer Journey — Behavioural and Social Implications of a Digitally Disruptive Environment. Dr Akram exhibits his growing academic leadership through regular inclusion on PhD supervisory panels and as an examiner of PhD as well as serving on editorial boards, as a reviewer, and as an external examiner for PhD candidates. In addition, Dr Akram is also working on various collaborative projects with academic and industry partners to build knowledge transfer and generate external funding. Dr Akram has a particular interest in quantitative research methods and has used various data analysis/ visualisation tools, such as SPSS, AMOS, SmartPLS, Tableau in his research. Along with the teaching and research activities, he has been actively involved in academic leadership and community services. Moreover, he has significant experience in Business Education Accreditation and Quality at the higher education level. Prior to joining the EBS faculty, he has held academic positions at leading universities in France, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. Dr Akram holds an MRes & a PhD from IAE Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management, Aix-Marseille University, France. He is also a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).


University of Essex

  • Programme Director PGT Marketing (MSc Marketiing and MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics), Essex Business School (Management & Marketing), University of Essex (18/1/2021 - present)

  • Research Seminar Co-Lead, Essex Business School (Management & Marketing), University of Essex (15/1/2020 - 30/6/2022)

Other academic

  • Guest Editor (Special Issue), Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Elsevier Inc. (1/6/2020 - 31/12/2022)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Digital Marketing

Role of various forms of digital marketing (influencer, content, social, etc.) in a range of contexts, such as cause-related marketing, gaming, brand reputation, and political campaigns, etc.; effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of digital marketing campaigns.

Open to supervise

Omnichannel retailing strategies and consumers' decision‐making

Managing customer experience across channels; using social media as a part of an omnichannel strategy; consumer behaviours and engagement in an omnichannel retail environment.

Open to supervise

Marketing in the Metaverse

Strategies for getting customers involved in the metaverse; measuring the effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of metaverse marketing; how metaverse marketing affects a brand's reputation; ethical and legal issues related to metaverse marketing, etc.

Open to supervise

Marketing strategy and firm performance

Issues such as managing customers' heterogeneity and dynamics, as well as managing sustainable competitive advantages and resource tradeoffs, etc.

Open to supervise

Social Customer Journey

Significance of digital influencers in consumers decision making; effects of digital and social media marketing at various stages of the customer journey, etc.

Open to supervise

Methodological Interests

Survey and experimental research, quantitative scale development, structural equation modelling; data and marketing analytics

Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Marketing Strategy (BE554)

  • Marketing Analytics (BE564)

  • Student Success Tutorial (BE917)

  • Research Methods in Marketing (BE965)

  • Dissertation in Marketing (BE981)


Journal articles (20)

Shareef, MA., Kim, D-Y., Khan, AR., Akram, MS., Butt, I. and Sadrul Huda, SSM., (2024). Understanding the behaviour of medical tourists: implications for strategy development. Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events, 1-27

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Conferences (8)

Malhotra, N., Jana, I. and Akram, MS., (2023). Perceived Brand Globalness and User engagement on Global Social Networks, AMA Summer Academic Conference, San Francisco, July 31, Virtual | August 4-6, San Francisco

Malik, A. and Akram, MS., (2012). Consumers’ Perceptions about Counterfeit Brands Do Diverge: Evidence from Pakistan. Global Marketing Conference, July 19-22, COEX Seoul, Korea

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Malik, A. and Akram, MS., (2011). Why Do Non-Deceptive Counterfeits Allure Consumers in Emerging Markets: A Qualitative Study, American Marketing Association (AMA) Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference, August 5-7, San Francisco, California, USA

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Akram, MS. and Malik, A., (2009). Factors of Perceived Risk Affecting Consumers’ Online Purchase Intention. 25th Conference of Association Française du Marketing (AFM). May 13-15, London, United Kingdom

Scholarly Editions (1)

Akram, MS., (2019). Acquisition of Souq: Amazon’s Entry into the Middle East, Chapter case in Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm by Laudon and Laudon, Vol: 16

Other (1)

Akram, MS., Malhotra, N. and Malik, A., User engagement on global social networks: Examining the roles of perceived brand globalness, identification and global identity, Lectures, talks and seminars Management and Marketing Research Seminar Series, Essex Business School, June 29, 2022.

Grants and funding


An Innovate to Elevate (I2E) project to develop a brand positioning and marketing strategy for Natural Building Systems Ltd

Babergh and Mid Suffolk (Innovate to Elevate Programme)

An Innovate to Elevate (I2E) project to develop a marketing strategy for Therapy Gyms

Babergh and Mid Suffolk (Innovate to Elevate Programme)


Innovate to Elevate (I2E) consultancy project with Braiswick Photographic

Babergh and Mid Suffolk (Innovate to Elevate Programme)


Instant Makr Ltd KTP Application (June 22_23 R2)

Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board)

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EBS.3.127H, Colchester Campus

Academic support hours:

My academic support hours are by appointment only. Zoom meetings can be booked at the following link: For face-to-face meetings, drop me an email.

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