Ishtiaque Ahmed

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
Doctoral Research Fellow (UKRI Guarantee Doctoral Network fellow)
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
 Ishtiaque Ahmed


Journal articles (5)

Ahmed, I., Khalil, A., Ahmed, I. and Frnda, J., (2022). Sparse Signal Representation, Sampling, and Recovery in Compressive Sensing Frameworks. IEEE Access. 10, 85002-85018

Ahmed, I., Minallah, N., Frnda, J. and Nedoma, J., (2021). Performance Analysis of Iteratively Decoded Convergent Source Mapping with Sphere Packing-Assisted Differential Space-Time Spreading Technique for Efficient Video Transmission. Complexity. 2021, 1-16

Minallah, N., Ahmed, I., Ijaz, M., Khan, AS., Hasan, L. and Rehman, A., (2021). On the Performance of Self-Concatenated Coding for Wireless Mobile Video Transmission Using DSTS-SP-Assisted Smart Antenna System. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing. 2021, 1-10

Minallah, N., Ahmed, I., Frnda, J. and Khattak, KS., (2021). Averting BER Floor with Iterative Source and Channel Decoding for Layered Steered Space-Time Codes. Sensors. 21 (19), 6502-6502

Minallah, N., Butt, MFU., Khan, IU., Ahmed, I., Khattak, KS., Qiao, G. and Liu, S., (2020). Analysis of Near-Capacity Iterative Decoding Schemes for Wireless Communication Using EXIT Charts. IEEE Access. 8, 124424-124436



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