Ecologist becomes billboard star at bustling London station

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    Wed 1 May 24

please credit John Sturrock photography

A leading University of Essex ecologist has become a billboard star at one of Britain’s busiest train stations.

Professor Tom Cameron was selected for a national campaign by prestigious journal Nature that celebrates scientists from across the globe to challenge stereotypes.

Now the School of Life Sciences researcher can be seen on a giant poster at London King’s Cross highlighting his work to protect Essex’s native oysters.

His research sees him work closely with oystermen from Mersea Island, Essex and across the UK to restore the shellfish as the population has plummeted by 95% over the past 200 years due to historic over-fishing, habitat loss, pollution, and disease.


Professor Cameron, from the School of Life Sciences, said it was an honour to be selected for the free outdoor photo exhibition.

He said: “It is great to be recognised in this way alongside such a diverse pool of scientists from around the world.

“Sharing the diversity of backgrounds of people in science helps to make sure that it is accessible to all.

“The work we do in my group involves working with people to deliver conservation gains for habitats and wildlife via investment in habitat restoration or improved policies on issues like harvesting, farming and aquaculture or public access, whether that be for those that enjoy walking in nature, or those who make their living from it, or depend on it in other ways.”

The Where I Work exhibition comes from an award-winning photography feature in Nature that celebrates the many roles and types of research undertaken by scientists globally, and challenges stereotypical perceptions of what a scientist does and what they look like.

Where I Work was launched by senior careers editor Karen Kaplan, whose fearsome editing and enthusiasm brought the section to life.

This exhibition is dedicated to Karen, who died in 2023.

Photos by John Sturrock photography